NPR Hatemongers and the Antifa Media Elite

Kenneth R. Timmerman, Another example of the Left’s ongoing perpetuation of racist slanders.

NPR ran a lead segment this past Sunday dedicated to a new book that is so defamatory it should never have been published, let alone made it onto taxpayer-funded broadcasts.

Fakenews “journalist” Jean Guerrero has written a virulent screed on the thesis that Donald Trump won the 2016 election as a white supremacist, and that speech-writer Stephen Miller was the evil genius who crafted his message, all with the goal of dividing Americans along racial lines.

Anyone who ever attended a Trump rally knows this is a lie. Anyone who watched the president receive constituents in the Oval Office, or seen him appoint women, blacks, Hispanics and Asian-Americans to senior administration positions – not because of their race or gender, but because of their talent – knows this is a lie. Not just any lie, mind you, but a Goebbels-style big lie fantasy, aimed at shaping the national consciousness into believing white is black, black is white, and Martin Luther King, Jr., was an Uncle Tom.

Author Jean Guerrero and her NPR accomplice, Lulu Garcia Navarra, drill down on the making of  Stephen Miller, one of the many Trump lieutenants the Left loves to hate. (If there are any hatemongers in this story, they are universally on the left, and they know it).

Stephen Miller is “a true ideologue,” the author says. “He’s a fanatic. He believes this stuff, whereas Trump is a lot more motivated by self-interest. But you do see that these two men coming together … they’ve been able to mutually benefit each other in a very unique way. In part, because Stephen Miller gets Donald Trump.”

Of course he “gets” Donald Trump. Otherwise he would not be his primary speechwriter. It’s kind of like saying the sky is blue or the sea is wet. After all, there were lots of us during the 2016 campaign who were asked to write opinion columns or appear as surrogates for the candidate precisely because we “got” Donald Trump. (My columns on behalf of the campaign appeared in these pages and at The Hill.

But that’s not the real bill of indictment Lulu and her partner in crime want to pursue.

Stephen Miller is a “white nationalist,” and worse: he was forged in these views by Larry Elder, a conservative black talk radio host, who was so impressed by Miller as an outspoken and articulate teenager that he put him on his show 69 times.

Larry Elder, Lulu and her comrade repeat, made it “okay” for Miller and other “white supremacists” to believe that America had vanquished her racist heritage and that black Americans had become victims of, well, themselves. Or, as Candace Owens would say, of fatherless black families.

Larry Elder is the “Uncle Tom,” the facilitator. Without him, the Stephen Millers of Trump-world would have no standing, Lulu tells us.

This is the stuff of Black Lives Matters, Inc., the revolutionary communist organization masquerading as a civil rights group. Instead of calling it racist or hate speech – which it most certainly is – let’s just call it defamatory: a deliberate slander.

NPR has joined the Antifa-inspired left-wing mob, calling themselves journalists when they are little more than political activists seeking the destruction of America, or as Obama called it, the fundamental transformation of America into a leftist dystopia that would make modern day Sweden look like paradise.

But that’s not all. David Horowitz, who committed the original sin of breaking with the radical left and embracing the Reagan revolution, “coached” Stephen Miller as a young college student, Ms. Guerrero and her NPR comrades tell us as if it were a big secret.

To the Left, David Horowitz is the most despicable form of creature. A red diaper baby of Jewish communist immigrants, he became a turncoat from the Cause. Worse: he knows the Left from the inside and has exposed them for the totalitarian genocidal creatures they are. (Just as his new book, Blitz, details why Donald Trump will win an overwhelming victory in November.)

Lula and her so-called “journalist” guest go on the remind the Left of another reason to hate Stephen Miller: as a student journalist at Duke University, he was among the first to defend the Duke lacrosse team members falsely accused of gang-raping a young black woman.

Of course, as we learned way too long after the Duke lacrosse players and their families, friends, and acquaintances were dragged into the quickslime of the hatemongers, no rape or sexual assault ever occurred. It was all a Tawana Browley/Al Sharpton racist slander.

And that’s what this whole book and Lula’s NPR are engaged in perpetuating: a racist slander.

NPR states that federal taxpayer funding is “essential” to its operations, and that “continuation is critical for both stations and program producers.” And while NPR hosts regularly try to minimize the amount it receives from the federal government, an independent analysis puts the total amount of direct grants, funding through the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, and indirect funding through publicly-funded universities and federal tax subsidies on donations by wealthy individuals, at roughly 41 percent of all NPR’s overall budget.

That’s a lot of our tax dollars being spent on outrageous racist and partisan attacks.

Last month, the House Appropriations Committee proposed doling out $515 million in advance funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for 2023, while the organization continues to receive over $450 million a year in ongoing federal funding.

One of the things they do with that money is lobby Congress and the public to increase the NPR budget, despite the overwhelming anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Christian, and often anti-American content of their programs.

Perhaps they believe they can get away with it because of loose language in their authorizing legislation, which merely states that the Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates “may not contribute to or otherwise support any political party or candidate for elective public office.”

See, we are not supporting anyone, you can hear them argue. We are just opposing Trump.

They truly think we are dummies.

Shame on NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. And shame on the law-makers who refuse to defund them both.

Kenneth R Timmerman’s latest book is The Election Heist, which details the Democrats’ game plan for stealing the 2020 election.

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