North Carolina Bar Posts Brutal Meme About Race Rioters… Now Liberals Want a Boycott

 In response to the Baltimore riots, a bar in Charlotte, N.C., posted a controversial meme on its Instagram account that received immediate backlash from the social media world.

The popular meme image, which shows Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka and typically asks a condescending question involving a controversial topic, was posted in response to the riots that took place because race rioters in the city claim that police mistreat them based on skin color.

The image, posted to the official Bar Charlotte Instagram account by what managers are now claiming was a former employee who was seeking retaliation for being fired, read, “You’re being treated poorly by police? Have you tried not breaking the law to see if that helps?”


 Managers of the bar also claim that their social media accounts are controlled by multiple employees, but since the Wonka image was taken down, passwords for the accounts have been changed.

Of course, anything posted on social media is permanent record, even if it’s eventually deleted. One user immediately took a screenshot of the image and it spread virally through social media, receiving critical feedback that turned into outrage against the business.

Liberals are steaming mad over the image and there’s a feeble effort through social media to boycott the popular bar over the post many are calling racist and distasteful, given the current climate of police relations and the black community.

The bar posted a public apology over the posting of the image and made an effort to delete all potential controversial posts from their social media accounts (H/T WZ).

Because the last thing its politically correct liberal patrons want to see is anyone exercising their First Amendment right to free speech over the Internet.

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