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No Real Change Can Come If Speech Is Restricted

By Monopolistic Oligarchs,

In a solid new article titled “Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor” on the cross-platform silencing of The New York Post‘s publication of Hunter Biden’s emails, The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald writes the following:

That is always how it will work: it is exclusively the voices on the fringes and the margins, the dissidents, those who reside outside of the factions of power who will be subjected to this silencing. Mainstream political and media voices, and the U.S. Government and its allies, will be fully free to spread conspiracy theories and disinformation without ever being subjected to these illusory “rules.”

Speaking About News

Censorship power, like the tech giants who now wield it, is an instrument of status quo preservation. The promise of the internet from the start was that it would be a tool of liberation, of egalitarianism, by permitting those without money and power to compete on fair terms in the information war with the most powerful governments and corporations.

But just as is true of allowing the internet to be converted into a tool of coercion and mass surveillance, nothing guts that promise, that potential, like empowering corporate overloads and unaccountable monopolists to regulate and suppress what can be heard.

The Case Against Facebook

Facebook is evil. 

At the most basic level, their business model relies on theft and dehumanization.

Facebook hoards and abuses our data—data we did not intend to share with them, only with our friends, family and followers. In some cases, data we did not intend to share with anyone.

They use all this information we knowingly (and unknowingly) share with them, not only to make money, but also to control the content we see, hear, and share. No content is permitted that does not conform to their corporate agenda.

Facebook is shameless. They offer to connect us and bring us together. Instead, they divide and inflame us. They do this purposefully, with full knowledge of what they are doing.

They knew they were creating something addictive that exploited “a vulnerability in human psychology” from the outset. They know it is harmful to children, and yet they feed parents some pablum about “protections and controls” while continuing to lure kids on anyway.

Like tobacco companies, or perhaps more accurately methamphetamine dealers, they know what they are selling is bad for us, but they don’t care. They push anyway, expanding their abuses, deliberately rejecting any fixes or solutions.

They thrive on our insecurities, our anxieties and our fears. They want us kept locked in our bubbles, isolated, needy, staring at our feeds, scrolling for the next dopamine hit.

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