Nicolle Wallace Accuses DeSantis Of Using ‘Dehumanization’ As A Tactic — Just Like The Russian Soldiers Who Rape Children

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace accused Governor Ron DeSantis of using “dehumanization” as a political tactic, claiming that it was no different than Russia using the same tactic to get soldiers to rape children in Ukraine.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of “Deadline White House,” Wallace referenced a speech made by Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow (D). McMorrow, responding to a fundraising email in which State Senator Lana Theis had reportedly accused her of “grooming and sexualizing children.”

Wallace argued that Theis’ argument was the same one that DeSantis was using to promote Florida’s recently-passed Parental Rights in Education law, which bans classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation for students in kindergarten through third grade. DeSantis’ office and a number of those in favor of the law have referred to anyone who advocated pushing such lessons on children as “groomers” as well, also arguing that they meant to “sexualize” children.

“You and I even fall into a tradition of our profession of focusing on what works and I think we recently had a conversation about Mitch McConnell and why does he do what he does, because it works, it’s a political reality,” Wallace began.

“I worry that in covering Glenn Youngkin and his politics of ‘parental choice,’ all the focus was on how well it worked,” Wallace continued. “And even in our conversations about DeSantis it’s about how well they’re serving him.”

“The truth is dehumanization, as a tactic for politics, is from war,” Wallace added. “Dehumanization is — it’s a tactic, it’s being used right now. The Russians get their soldiers to rape children by dehumanizing them. Dehumanization as a practice is a tactic of war. It is being deployed in politics and people like you and I sometimes lose the plot and admire its effective — not its substance, but even the analysis of these tactics loses sight of what this speech brings us back to which is that dehumanization has a cost right now. Right now, as it’s deployed.”

Wallace went on to mention comments made by Chasten Buttigieg, who alleged that legislation like Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law would ultimately risk the lives of children.

“This will kill kids, @RonDeSantisFL. You are purposefully making your state a harder place for LGBTQ kids to survive in. In a national survey (@TrevorProject), 42% of LGBTQ youth seriously considered attempting suicide last year. Now they can’t talk to their teachers?” Buttigieg tweeted, despite the fact that the law only bans official instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation but does not ban students from talking about those topics with anyone.

“Kids will die. How do we bring it back to the substance of the harm that is done by a strategy in war and politics of dehumanizing people?” Wallace concluded.

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