Newsom signs bill to give generous benefits to illegal immigrants

Eddie M, Sacramento, CA: Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, recently signed another new bill into law giving already illegal aliens additional state benefits that will further soak up taxpayer money and continue to bleed the state dry.

This new bill was followed by another bill that will transform vacant retail stores into ‘affordable’ housing. The term ‘affordable housing’ in California is an oxymoron.

More on that later.

Newsom, who has been in the press lately in a futile effort to get his name back out there, put more ink on paper to generously expand illegal alien benefits.

These far-reaching and expensive benefits will further complicate the economic struggles California is currently facing.

But their financial woes didn’t stop Newsom from waving that pen onto the new bill.

The bill consists of several new components aimed at providing easier access to state programs. Such as:

– Obtaining a new driver’s license regardless of immigration status

– Eligibility for legal assistance in civil matters

– Access to community healthcare workers who can provide increased cultural awareness and health-related services in their native language

– Improved academic access to in-state tuition programs at state and public universities and colleges

A significant part of the problem is that many illegal immigrants do not pay taxes and find cash paying employment. Much of their money earned is quickly sent back to their host country where the dollar goes much further.

This problem is further worsened by the states income tax rate. California leads the nation in the highest personal income tax rates at a whopping 13.3%.

Having the state absorb these costs, but not getting any costs in return via taxes will only further bring the California into deeper debt.

In a statement provided by Newson during a press conference, he stated:

“California is expanding opportunity for everyone, regardless of immigration status. We’re a state of refuge – a majority-minority state, where 27 percent of us are immigrants.

He continued:

“That’s why I’m proud to announce the signing of today’s bills to further support our immigrant community, which makes our state stronger every single day.”

Stronger? Or poorer?

The Retail Store Housing Bill

Newson also recently signed a bill that would aim at turning unused, shuttered retail stores, vacant commercial buildings and other similar structures into affordable housing.

The term ‘affordable housing’ is considered ironic as California is among the nation’s highest property tax states.

In a press conference issued by Newson and his administration, which was located in a former funeral home, (oh, the symbolism there!) he stated:

“This is a moment on a journey to reconcile original sin, the original sin of the state of California. And that’s the issue of housing and affordability.”

Interesting choice of words for a highly progressive liberal. Liberals are not known for their religious beliefs. They’re certainly not represented in their actions.

Another politician, Assembly Member Buffy Wicks, also made a statement during the press conference, an cited the obvious. Wicks said:

“I know you all agree with this, it is not okay that we have one of the lowest homeownership rates in the country.”

One of the reasons for the low home ownership figures are the skyrocketing costs of living in California. Their overlapping, overly bureaucratic and disproportionate government departments are taxing the residents more and more.

That is one of the reasons why more people are leaving the state than moving into it.

Their goal is to ‘create more jobs’ by adding all these construction projects. In fact, Newsom announced a one billion dollar plan to help fund ‘shovel ready’ projects to stimulate construction deals.

However, as previously mentioned, many construction workers often work for cash, which ultimately leads to one thing, not paying taxes.

Newsom’s plan to create more housing is ambitious. But after all is said and done, it is going to continue to bleed the state financially.

Some online comments showed some of the residents discontent with the new bills, as they are not focused on already present and legal California residents.

In fact, comments were shut off on the YouTube video of the Newsom press conference. Gee, why would that be?

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