We are all in this together, is what they are telling you. I AM NOT IN THIS WITH ANY OF THEM, whoever THEM ARE. They can have their propaganda puppet show without me. I am seeking to RIP THE REST OF THE MASK OFF THE CHARADES. Or shall we call it the VEIL?

Either way, truth always sets you free. It is Biblical. In their attempt to turn the population into one big Q-tip factory, they have succeeded in turning God fearing people back to God. If that was the plan, it was successful. However, something tells me that was not their plan. The Pilgrim Society wants to create confusion in the Church, and division among those who love the Lord. They are getting ready to introduce Aliens so those who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will believe only in fallen angels and their divine garbage of benevolence. The same cabal who torture children, kill them for their adrenachrome and use the rest of the body parts for either their dinner or yours without you knowing it.


We are supposed to learn things like what Pop Corn means….and Show….and how high technology works. How is that gonna help anyone? Good grief. The show is over and never made the box office which by the way is still closed due to their fake virus.

So here is the latest news…..see if it enlightens you or makes you sad, mad, or disgusted.

This is not a real person. This is a CGI. Computer Generated Image. They are getting worse and worse with their imaging. Either that or we are getting smarter at detecting their fake Hollywood short films.

This is supposed to make you angry or fearful. To me, it is pathetic and shows just how stupid they think we are.

You are all supposed to follow this story like it is going to go somewhere, and forget that he murdered all the elderly in New York. Chomp at it.

From McConnell on Twitter, “This evening I joined congressional leaders on the Capitol steps in a moment of silence for the 500,000 American lives lost to the coronavirus.” This picture is supposed to scare you into taking a vaccine. These are the wicked ones at the Capitol who all stand in solidarity for the deaths during COVID. I can only wonder what the mindless are thinking when they watch this type of march of the living dead junk. Later they will have a toast with real blood. They won’t show you that.

Translation: We now have control over our cargo again. And now twe can get back to putting kids in containers and send them out to child traffickers and blood sacrifiers for a fee.

We’ll end with General Flynn….in God we trust.