New York Tells Gov Workers to Ride the Subway in Pairs for Safety

Daniel Greenfield, This whole criminal justice reform and police defunding thing is going well.

 Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office has reportedly launched a program that offers a “travel buddy” to municipal workers who feel unsafe in the city’s subway system.

An email sent to city employees on April 30 gave them the option of signing up for the travel buddy program, which would connect them with another worker in their neighborhood so they could travel together, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

Is it all the subway slashings?

Shouldn’t all New Yorkers benefit from this system? New York’s 311 setup could be retooled to connect commuters in groups. And maybe arm them with weapons to safely make it from Queens to City Hall.

Just call it a militia.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Cuomo are meanwhile in a tight race over which will strangle the other first.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also commented on the system’s safety earlier this week, saying in part at a briefing, “I’m not telling my child to ride the subway, because I’m afraid for my child.”

“What’s happening right now is clearly at the instruction of the governor, MTA leadership is fearmongering,” de Blasio said in an interview Friday. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“I’ve ridden the subways. So many folks in my life ride the subways all the time. They’re overwhelmingly safe,” the mayor said, adding that “there have been some incidents that truly are troubling.”

Aside from all the slashings, the subway is mostly safe. de Blasio knows because nobody has bothered his NYPD detail yet. Maybe this guy can get around to it.

There’s a dedicated NYPD team chasing subway sex offenders. Many of them are serial offenders who have racked up dozens of arrests.

One homeless serial sexual predator has been arrested 169 times.

But I’m sure he got some gift cards in exchange for, hopefully, showing up to his hearing since criminal justice reformers got rid of bail.

Earlier this month, Jaquan Whittle was caught on video breaking a 71-year-old woman’s jaw in New York. Both Whittle and his victim are black. At the time of the assault, Jaquan had been out on probation for another crime. He had multiple previous arrests and had tried to rape a woman on a subway train in 2017.

One year there were over a thousand sexual offenses in the subway system.

De Blasio’s spokesperson did helpfully point out that Cuomo is also a sexual predator.

“Serial sexual assaulter says what?” Neidhart said in response to Cuomo’s comments about de Blasio.

So there you have it.

Come to New York City. It’s absolutely safe. They’ll even throw in a vaccine and treat your stab wounds. But ride the subway in pairs. Bring baseball bats and torpedoes. Avoid Cuomo and all local politicians.

If only someone had predicted back in 2013 that putting Bill de Blasio and leftist pro-crime activists in charge of New York City would turn it into a hellscape of criminals and junkies.

Do you miss the old New York City? Remember when subway trains were covered in graffiti, a news hour began with six shootings and everyone who lived in the city had been mugged at least once?

Remember when everything was grimy and had a layer of filth, when people moved to the city because they wanted to slum, when nothing worked and no one cared and the only difference between New York and Chicago was that it had taller buildings?

If you miss that classic New York, there’s good news because Bill de Blasio is bringing it back.

The muggers are coming back. The squeegee men are coming back. The crazy people randomly stabbing you on the subway, the gangs shooting each other over turf, the race rioters marching through neighborhoods and shouting, “Whose streets, our streets”– they’re all coming back.

Giuliani New York and Bloomberg New York were booming cities. De Blasio New York is a place where the mayor gives constant press conferences about gang violence and announces new rape prevention programs. Every news story about the city now begins with, “Four people were shot in New York over the weekend” and “A fire swept out of control through Brooklyn destroying four city blocks. Police suspect arson.”

Ride the subway. Bring your bulletproof vest.

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