New Democrat Scam Targeting Republican Seniors

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Loyd Pettegrew, I have an elderly neighbor who lives across the street from me. He is 92 years of age and a big Trump supporter. Like most people who are nonagenarians, he can get confused when under pressure but not nearly as bad as Sleepy Joe. He requested an absentee ballot here in Florida and as he told me when he received it, he filled it out carefully and completely…for Donald Trump.

End of story, correct?

As it turns out, not so much. He received a phone call on Thursday evening explaining that the signature on his ballot didn’t match his signature on file with the Supervisor of Elections and that he must return to an early polling site and complete another ballot for it to be valid.

Both his wife and son had died a couple of years ago and he mostly putters around his yard looking after his plants. My wife bakes sometimes, and always has me walk over with some sweet treats for him. I engaged this ritual yesterday afternoon and he explained about the concern he had over a phone call he received two evenings before, advising him that his vote was being invalidated because his ballot signature didn’t match the one they had on file. He told me this as I gave him the cupcakes.

I grew concerned for two reasons: 1) That a Trump voter may not have his vote count in this crucial election against Sleepy Joe and communist Kamala; 2) A Democrat-affiliated organization was harassing elderly Republican voters, trying to make them try to vote twice or maybe not at all. I immediately told him to get his wallet, with his voter I.D. and driver’s license, and I would pick him up out front and drive him to the early voting location a few miles away.

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When we arrived at the early polling location about 3:30 in the afternoon I walked him up where they check the voters’ I.D. The polling station wasn’t crowded and he was seen by a polling attendant immediately. I explained that I was a neighbor and was concerned because of the phone call he had received earlier in the week. The poll worked scanned my friend’s Florida driver’s license and responded, “Sir, it shows here that you voted successfully so there is no need to worry; you’re good to go.”

I then patted him on the back and said, “Your vote for Trump was counted.” I put an “I Voted” sticker on the front of his shirt and he smiled from ear-to-ear. As we turned around to leave, the polling worker said, “You know this is happening a lot to elderly citizens here in Pinellas County, you’re the fifth one I’ve seen today; I don’t know who is doing this to our elderly, but shame on them.”

Had my neighbor had a computer, we could have looked this information up online, but he is a totally an analog kind of guy who doesn’t even own a personal computer.

The moral to this story is that Democrats are likely getting access to voter roles around the country and are targeting elderly Republicans to confuse them and perhaps get them in trouble for trying to vote twice in this election.

Shame on this Democrat effort, or as Sleepy Joe Biden is fond of saying…”Come on, man!”