Netanyahu Removed, Rothschilds go bankrupt as a result of lawsuits

B. FULFORD,  The fact that israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been formally removed from power is changing the geopolitical game. Netanyahu’s departure means that messialy Zionist fanatics who want to kill 90% of humanity and control survivors of greater Israel have lost.

“This is an important move against the geopolitics of the Chazar mafia,” MI6 sources say. They add that Netanyahu is in protective custody to tell of his secret puppeteers beforehe is killed andsilenced. Mossad sources say the real Netanyahu has long since been removed, and what we’re seeing is a clone. But mi6’s version more coincides with what most of us see as reality.

In any case, some recent reports show that a big change is coming to the Middle East. The Mossad-linked DEBKA website posted the following statement just before Netanyahu was removed:

“The production of an Iranian nuclear weapon may soon be a matter of weeks. This assessment of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday, June 8, confronts the incoming Bennett-Lapid government with its first major challenge — indeed, the worst test facing any Israeli government.” LINK

Do these idiots really believe that anyone else is listening to them when they repeat this every week for more than 30 years?

Instead, we see the Israeli colony of Saudi Arabia trying to make peace with Syria and Iran. LINK

The Russians, for their part, know full well that “Hamas and IS were created by Israeli intelligence, and all their leaders work for Mossad.” This behavior led to armies around the world deciding to give Israel an ultimatum: “Either you stop it or you see.”

Now the Israeli people have decided that they do not want to undergo collective suicide, much like Mossad.

In any case, Russian sources in the FSB, MI6, Mossad and the CIA agree that humanity faces a common enemy in the form of the Khazar mafia. Members of the Chazar mafia are now circling their civilian slaves – G7 governments, NATO, and bankers in Switzerland.

When an FSB source asked whether the White Dragon Society was going to hit Geneva with a nuclear strike to eliminate the Politburo of the Khazar mafia, he was told that the Company had “decided that precision operations were the right way.” The FSB responded that their analysis of the Chazar mafia shows that “top management consists of 2,500 people and there are 200 at the very top.” These people are now actively being pursued by MI6, the FSB, the CIA and Asian secret societies.

To make it clear what these people are, we got a message from MI6 that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s doctor operated on his daughter to repair the vaginal damage her father had caused her by repeatedly raping her. Meanwhile, Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case took children from a hospital, raped them and killed them.

That’s why, according to sources, arrest warrants have been issued for these people.

But MI6 sources say that if the worst happens, then “I’d rather have millions dead than billions, that’s the real world we live and work in, and it’s not for the faint of heart.”

It’s not an exaggeration. Top military and government officials took action after receiving scientific evidence that vaccines being given to most of the world’s population are highly toxic. That is why pandemics and vaccines are suddenly disappearing from public debate. Some corporate media began to refer to Covid-19 as its traditional “cold.” LINK

Despite this, the G7 slave governments issued a statement last weekend promising to “begin immediately vaccinating the world… and provide a billion benefits next year.” The government added that “at least 60 percent of the world’s population will need to be vaccinated to end the pandemic in 2022.” In other words, they are still seeking genocide. LINK

Fortunately, the G7 is becoming less and less significant. When it was founded in 1976, it accounted for 80% of world GDP, but now it is over 20% based on actual purchasing power parity. Yet it has pledged $40 trillion, far more than its collective GDP, to “repair global infrastructure.” Needless to say, $40 trillion is a huge fiat hallucination.

“Few still remember how our societies and economies were threatened by high inflation 50 years ago,” wrote David Folkerts-Landau, chief economist and head of research at Deutsche Bank, in a paper written by his colleagues Jim Reid and Peter Hooper.

“The most basic laws of the economy, which have stood the test of time for millennia, still apply. A sharp rise in debt financed largely by central banks is likely to lead to higher inflation.” In other words, there is such a thing as reality, and fiat bankers have bumped into it.

The G7 statement also made specific references to “decarbonisation measures for sectors that process iron, steel, cement, chemicals and chemicals obtained from oil” as well as “decarbonisation of transport – buses, trains, shipping and aviation”. With all these strange reports that vaccinated people are becoming magnets, one has to wonder if, as G-nosti illuminati say, the G7 works for a dangerous artificial intelligence that also wants to “decarbonize” people. In other words, whether it seeks to move from a carbon-based life (like ours) to a life based on quarry.

In any case, MI6 describes that “the entire army watched the G7 summit and laughed.” Now this satanic family is “desperately clinging to power through their poor Cousins of the Rockefellers.”

It turns out that the fake Biden regime represents the Rockefellers and unassuctively pursues their business interests. That is why this regime has interrupted the Keystone pipeline as a priority. If you look at their so-called “Triad Initiative”, you will see that they are counting on the construction of ports and pipelines so that European countries can import expensive Rockefeller natural gas, oil and the like.

The Rockefellers are also desperate to get Russia to join them in the new Cold War against China. Their so-called President Biden will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin (presumeed his doppelganger) in Geneva on June 16.

Here is russia’s official position on this meeting:

“No one wants to go back to the Cold War. Back then, and it is true now, strengthening security in the Euro-Atlantic region will require leaders to identify common interests and promote them boldly and together. The MEETING between the US and Russian Presidents in Geneva on 16 June offers an opportunity to launch an important new dialogue on strategic stability. We know from history how quickly nations can move from peace to terrible conflict. After this bad experience, we looked back and thought not only about how this could have happened, but how is it possible that it happened so quickly?” LINK

Russians are also aware that they are dealing with a failed state, as “Putin” recently stated on the official TASS news site:

“Problems are accumulating and at some point it is no longer possible to deal with them. And now the United States is walking the path of the Soviet Union, and its gait is confident and stable.” LINK

The signs that the US is a failed state continue to multiply. For example, the purchasing power of the domestic US dollar (as opposed to the international one) continues to decline: LINK

Furthermore, all the ridiculous money that Biden’s people were handing out in an attempt to bribe the American public caused 40% of small businesses to raise prices, while 48% of those businesses were unable to find workers.

It also turns out that more than half of the money for unemployment benefits that the US gave away in response to the fake pandemic was stolen and sent overseas through fraudsters. LINK

The fall into anarchy continues. For example, businessmen at Fell’s Point Maryland have threatened the city council to stop paying taxes if the city does not provide services such as garbage collection, enforcement of parking violations, stopping the illegal sale of drugs and alcohol on the street, and if they don’t ensure that the police can do their job. LINK

In Oregon, homeless people were given the right to camp and live on streets and public spaces. That means say goodbye to parks and streets. LINK

Violence and injustice are on the rise, as evidenced by the following news headline: “After the deadly year 2020, homicides in Atlanta are increasing by nearly 60% in 2021.” LINK

In 2020, there were also more than 600 mass shootings, those that killed four people or more. This record is expected to be broken in 2021.

Although the disintegration of the American slave regime continues, the Khazar mafia still has no intention of surrendering. Now he’s threatening to stop global trade. Its World Economic Forum division issued a threat last week, saying, “The key message from experts published at the World Economic Forum and other international platforms is that supply chain security will become a major cybersecurity issue in 2021.” They also stated that “the world is increasingly interconnected… So all it takes is one vulnerable link to bring down an entire system similar to a domino effect.” LINK LINK

The official G7 statement also indicates specific objectives – it points out that “there is a risk in global supply chains in the field of important minerals and semiconductors.” The Taiwanese government has ordered “King Yuan, a key supplier for Nvidia, Intel, MediaTek and many other of the world’s leading chip developers, to stop the work of all its foreign workers. The regulation was effective immediately, regardless of the results of the COVID tests.’

Russian FSB sources claim that Khazar mafia mercenaries disguised as “IS,” “Boko Haram,” etc. continue to steal gold and other precious minerals from Africa “on behalf of investors living in the US.”

The way to stop these criminals is to take control of central banks, because then they lose the ability to finance chaos. We’ve spoken to IS and other mercenaries, and they say they’re paid in Swiss francs. Switzerland therefore remains a high-priority military objective.

The Chazar mafia’s control over the UN, who, the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the International Maritime Organisation must also be ended. It was control of these organizations that allowed them to use the fake pandemic to stop the world economy and blackmail humanity.

Some Chinese factions also need to be looked at well. Jim Stone’s website reported that students were taken to 100 schools in China during lunch. Lately, I couldn’t read his messages on my computer, but on my iPhone it was possible. However, when I read the message on my iPhone, it was removed from it. That’s a good sign. The Rockefellers have an agreement with a chinese faction to support the Biden government, and they have handed over control of digital censorship from Japan to China.

While I don’t know why the students were drafted, I remember the head of an Asian secret society based in Taiwan saying that their revenge for SARS “will be unpredictable and worse than you’d expect.” The fact that only people in the West received a dangerous vaccine in response to this false pandemic leads to the question of whether or not it was their revenge. If so, then the Chinese may be protecting the best and the smartest from the inevitable retaliation that will come if China is proven to be behind the vaccination campaign.

At the end of this week, we will present the message we received from our source from the secret space program:

“Now people are overwhelmed with news of Antarctica so they don’t know about what’s happening in Greenland. Russia is working closely with the US military (Trump and Putin) to develop a unique underground base that is directly connected to our family outside this world. They share new technologies that are not yet available here. This is the new Area 51. China is not part of this operation.”

We’ll see how the situation develops, time will tell.