NESARA protocols are expected to be implemented next Mon 1 March

NESARA public debt relief packages and programs can come out and the debts HAVE TO BE PAID ON MON 15 MARCH.

ALL THINGS ARE MOVING FORWARD and WE ARE ON THE EDGE OF THE START NOW, confirming that liquidity is being released to paymasters and to bond sellers between now and the end of the weekend; liquidity is being released to T3-4A bond seller account holders this weekend,

(from which funds downstream to lower tiers, see Mr. Fleming’s notice below), while T3-4A groups are expecting to be notified as early as this weekend of funds in their accounts for their liquidity (accessible when T4B notifications go out any time between now and the next several days); he is confirming Isaac in Zurich’s info from bankers in Reno, Zurich, Basel, and Geneva, who are being told that the shotgun liquidity release according to Isaac today “should start [Tue] 2 March [and continue] to [Mon] 15 March. . . .

. ..He is confirming that Mon 15 March is the time planned for the public T5 to start exchanging AFTER we in T4B (Tier 4 individuals) have had at least 10 days of Safe Web links and 800#s available to make and start our exchange-redemption appointments; he confirmed that CMKX, adjudicated settlements, fines & penalties, and PP deliveries will be by US Postal Service personnel with Homeland Security and/or US Marshals accompanying the deliveries, and they will start going out when T4B starts.

. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that T4B redemptions-exchanges HAVE TO BE LARGELY FINISHED BY MON 15 MARCH so that the NESARA public debt relief packages and programs can come out and the debts HAVE TO BE PAID ON MON 15 MARCH—this is intentionally planned on the IDES OF MARCH, 15 March, when Julius Caesar was killed, so that the countries and the banking system are disconnected from the Deep State globalist petro-dollar Fed system that traces its origins to Rome, in effect killing their oppressive fiat dollar system then.(edited)
[11:51 PM]
. ..He is confirming MarkZ’s info today Thu 25 Feb from group leaders that MarkZ talks to that the group leaders are VERY EXCITED about the start of the liquidity release process from this weekend into next week.
. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that T3-4A bond payouts are expected to start this weekend, confirming the source below that sent the description of bond sellers getting notified starting this weekend in order to start the release of liquidity from this weekend onward—THIS IS GETTING REAL FOLKS, our guy said, so GET READY TO START GOING IN TO YOUR APPOINTMENTS NEXT WEEK. Mr. Fleming’s source wrote :
. .. .
. . “Good afternoon, the President of Redemption, after receiving the statement from the Rescue [Redemption] Management Committee that met today [Thu 25 Feb] in Washington, through Mr. Fleming from the Redemption office in Zurich, delivered the official statement of the beginning of the telephone calls to all [bond sellers and other] customers, starting with the biggest sellers, from [SAT] February 27, 2021 [onward] following the original procedure and not the last procedure communicated:
. 1. Calling the customer and communicating the security code.
. 2. Sending the contract (s)
. 3. Upon receipt of the contract signed by the client with authenticated signature, an advance of 1% will be made.

. 4. The payment of the second 9% advance will be made in 3 weeks, paying 3% per week.
. This is the last communication.”
. .. .
. ..Our guy is confirming MarkZ’s info that paymasters (and attorneys and group leaders) are still in place, and over the last 48 hours they have been positioning the paymasters in a line (queue) for an order of liquidity payouts once the shotgun liquidity start is initiated–as MarkZ said THIS IS ANOTHER CLEAR SIGN THAT WE ARE SEEING TERMINAL MOVEMENT that we are AT THE END and the START IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.(edited)
[11:52 PM]
. ..He said ANOTHER CLEAR SIGN WE ARE AT THE END is that when the Federal Reserve went down (all over the MSM news) at 10 AM EST yesterday Wed 24 Feb and was brought back up about 3pm EST, the military taking down the Federal Reserve was in order to remove the last vestiges of the old Deep State SWIFT system completely, and they were completely cutting out Deep State bankers (Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s, Goldman Sachs, and all the usual bankster suspects) and they were merging the QFS system with the restored Republic NESARA-compliant UST banking system, leaving only minor logistics being worked out now to complete the process; he confirmed that the QFS is being called by the banks the RTP Real Time Payment system ( ) and the “blockchain digital ledgering system”;
. ..He is confirming that the military in Reno activated the QFS system this past Tue 23 Feb, the gold-backed USN went live then in the QFS for trading on Forex, and that just over 200 countries have attached themselves to the new QFS system and are in the currency trading platform under the new gold-backed USN Dollar ; he is confirming Bruce’s intel that the total activation integration of the QFS occurred today at 4:30 PM EST Thu 25 Feb after the close of trading, so the QFS is now fully activated.(edited)
Real Time Payments | Wells Fargo
Answers to your questions about Real Time Payments.
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. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that NESARA protocols are expected to be implemented next Mon 1 March, that Trump is to talk at the CPAC convention at 5:00 PM EST Sunday 28 Feb, that Trump may mention NESARA related protocols or something related to new Republic protocols and he may say that Texas is becoming a sovereign state in the new restored Republic with the new Republic Capital being set up on Native American sovereign territory around Houston and Austin TX and the new Republic UST in Reno NV;

. ..He confirmed that there was NO State of the Union address in the Capitol Building in DC Tue 23 Feb when the fraudulent Biden team videoed his fraud State of the Union address and our guy said this is another deliberate sign (obviously fake Air Force 1, dirty govt car, obviously fake Oval Office Castle Rock Entertainment set, etc etc) showing that Biden is not the real president and will be removed at the right time by the interim military govt (he said Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s recent message posted on GAB is real that the military is allowing Biden Administration activities to be staged [albeit badly] for exposing Deep State fraud so the public will stop believing their lies which gives the Deep State power to continue their evil crimes: Sat. 20 Feb. Ezra Cohen-Watnick [Interim military govt acting undersecretary of defense for intelligence & security] )

. ..He said again WE ARE SITTING ON THE EDGE OF THE START, and all are excited behind the scenes;

. ..He said again we need to keep our expectancy high to further disempower potential Deep State interference, and he recommended keeping prayers going over the liquidity release details above leading to our T4B start next week;

. ..He said we can ALL BE EXCITED because what we have all been waiting for is manifestly coming right now.(edited)
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Stephen Hunter on Gab: ”
Stephen Hunter on Gab: ‘From Ezra Cohen-W
I’m going to spell it out one time only for those who are lost and not registering the 100’s of clues I’ve been dropping you. Here we go 1 time. Pay close attention. You are watching a movie. A lot of what you are seeing is completely bullshit and fake. It’s so outrageous on purpose to get your attention…

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