NESARA / GESARA Implementation News

Updates concerning the RV/CGR, Iraq did publicly pass the budget, which means the Dinar RV rate was passed within the budget, and our guy said that just before 2 pm EDT today Wed 31 March, DoD and UST gave the green light to move the release process forward.

. ..He said that many banks and bankers are expecting the T4B notifications and secure links for 800#s to come out in the next 24 hours, according to the Wed 24 March World Court ruling.
. ..But he said that they may start T4B as early as tomorrow Thu 1 April—however he said that Trump and the military govt have been negotiating with the World Court behind the scenes regarding T4B START AND LIQUIDITY START TIMING, GIVEN THE DEEP STATE WAR STILL BEING WAGED (SEE #3 BELOW):(edited)
[3:33 PM]

. ..Because of this he said that they may release our T4B notifications as early as tomorrow Thu 1 April, but for various reasons, they may also release the shotgun start along with our T4B notifications by next Tue 6 April—some of these reasons may be the following:
. ..(1) Isaac in Zurich was told that liquidity to T3-4A bond sellers would not be released this week but only the week of Mon 5 April forward;

. ..(2) In spite of this, redemption centers are ready for us in T4B RIGHT NOW THROUGH THE REST OF THIS WEEK—his info is the same as Bruce’s that the redemption center staff are in the redemption centers today Wed 31 March, and Thu, Fri, and Sat 1-3 April from 9am to 8pm; BUT next week the redemption centers will be staffed for longer hours from 8am to 8pm daily Tue to Sat 6-10 April—according to this schedule T4B redemptions for the higher contract rates in the redemption centers will be OVER by Sun 11 April.

. ..(3) The Evergreen tanker with its shipping containers blocked the Suez Canal from last Tue 23 March day before yesterday Mon 29 March—this was the Deep State trying to increase the global economic and market implosion by blocking $9.6 billion (12%) of global trading through the Suez Canal; the Alliance got trafficked children freed who were being held in shipping containers on the Evergreen—THIS COST US ABOUT A WEEK’S DELAY—he said THIS WHOLE RV/GCR RELEASE HAS BEEN A MILITARY MISSION AND THIS HAS BEEN PART OF THAT WAR.

. ..(4) The NESARA / GESARA implementation of the debt jubilee public debt payoff packages will be initiated next week and the rest of the $1.9 Trillion stimulus bill direct deposits and checks, which were paused till last weekend, started up again and are expected to be finished this week—THIS MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SOME BEARING ON OUR T4B TIMING.
[3:33 PM]

. ..(5) The Starlink satellite quantum internet system will be fully operational, as Bruce said and our guy confirmed, by next Wed 7 April— THIS MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SOME BEARING ON OUR T4B TIMING.

. ..(6) The paymasters who were told last week to get into position at their banking redemption centers globally, were in place by this past weekend, and THEY WERE TOLD [a] TO PACK 2 (TWO) WEEKS WORTH OF CLOTHES indicating this week and next week for the shotgun start and T4B start, [b] THEY WERE TOLD by bankers & UST THAT [c] THIS IS IT and [d] THERE IS NO GOING BACK— [e] THEY SAID THEY HAD NEVER BEFORE BEEN TOLD “THIS IS IT” and “THERE IS NO GOING BACK.”—SO WE ARE AT THE END OF THIS WAITING, as also indicated by IRAQ PUBLICLY PUTTING OUT THE NEWS THAT THEIR BUDGET (with RV rate in it) HAS BEEN PASSED TODAY WED 31 MARCH.

. ..He recommended keeping prayers going over the T4B notifications, and prayers that the Deep State would finally be defeated for good and out of the way of the release, and that we in T4B stay ready for starting as early as tomorrow Thu 1 April through next week.

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