Neomasculinity: The Male Backlash Against Toxic Women

Should men be ashamed of masculinity?

Men are confused. They’re bewildered. They’ve been lectured that the innate behaviors, feelings and characteristics that defined masculinity for generations are sexist, malevolent, and need to be abandoned if men are to have any success with women.

In reality, women were told they could sleep around in their 20’s. When they hit 30 and their biological value plummets, they wonder why no good men are interested anymore.

This has led to the rise of neomasculinity – men reclaiming and re-asserting their masculinity, rejecting toxic women who have been brainwashed by cultural marxism, and working to fix the incredible harm that 3rd wave feminism has wrought on gender relations.



What Is Neomasculinity?

The Origins Of Neomasculinity

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