National Security Apparatus in Total Panic Over Election Audit Results

Rising Backlash Against Tyranny and Corruption! The national security “deep state” is in an outright panic right now, desperately hoping to criminalize political opponents of the Biden regime before the results of the Arizona / Maricopa County ballot audit are revealed. The hand counting portion of the audit is now complete, and final results are expected in as little as ten days (around June 26th).

Corrupt national security operators know that once the audit results are made public, America will see that around 200,000 ballots are either fraudulent or missing, and Arizona will move to decertify its electoral college votes, thrusting the entire Biden “victory” into question. With audit efforts spreading to other states, it won’t be long before enough states decertify the electoral votes to push Biden below the electoral victory threshold of 270, effectively nullifying the Biden “presidency.”

In order to stop that from happening, it appears the corrupt DOJ and FBI are plotting the largest false flag event in American history as a way to terrorize the nation into obedience while distracting from election audit results. In the same way that the Jan. 6th capitol siege — which was clearly run by the FBI — instantly shut down all talk of US Senators even considering alternate electoral college votes submitted by many red states, the deep state knows that rolling out a massive false flag attack as the Arizona election results are released will drastically shift the narrative and focus the American people on media-induced hatred aimed at conservatives and gun owners.

This is why we expect to see the deep state attempt to pull off a large-scale mass shooting or bombing event of some kind, either in June or July, followed by media hysteria and a demand for nationwide gun confiscation and national security investigations into Trump supporters. In order for the Marxists to hold power, they must create a new crisis and use it to strip away any remaining constitutional protections from the American people.

They’ve already destroyed free speech and free elections; now they must destroy the freedom to bear arms and the freedom to express dissent via the First Amendment.

As Darren Beattie of now asks, “Does the national security apparatus do anything but conspire against the American people?”

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YouTube, Spotify, and other Big Tech platforms are taking Freedom First Network down

It’s no secret we speak our minds and bring on guests who do the same. That’s one of the biggest reasons we put together the Freedom First Network in the first place. There are far too many news outlets, including so-called “conservative” media companies, who are so beholden to Big Tech that they temper their perspectives at best and outright coverup the truth at worst. Many, as you all know, will blatantly lie in order to maintain the narrative that supports the radical agenda taking over much of the United States.

We have had our YouTube channel taken down. Many of our shows have been suppressed or removed by Facebook and Twitter. Spotify banned one of our shows completely from their platform. Google hates us. We’ve even been censored by some of the smaller players like Medium, Transistor, and Captivate. But we stand behind our reporting and perspectives and we refuse to bow down to Big Tech tyranny for the sake of pageviews or video plays.

This isn’t the easiest road to travel, especially for a media company that is so new. We launched Freedom First Network in 2020 to fight against the very censorship that we’re seeing so widespread today. We have found great homes for our content on freer speech platforms like Rumble and we’re putting our best efforts forward into building our presence on Locals. Nevertheless, we cannot do it alone. We need help.

One of the things cofounders Jeff Dornik and JD Rucker agreed to from the start was to never be the pawns of companies that do not embrace our worldview. Finding advertisers and affiliates is easy; we receive requests by companies wanting to be pushed on our shows every day. But it’s important to us that we’re promoting companies, services, and products that are beneficial to maintaining a Freedom First stance in America. As a result, we do not take on sponsors easily. We would rather rely on our own products like Freedom First Coffee and the support of our wonderful viewers, listeners, and readers.