Must Watch: Juan O Savin: Historic facts, inside information and Intel

Juan O Savin gives an inspiring talk on how the corruption works and why it is such a gigantic agenda that is very difficult to drain.

Historic facts, and lots of inside information – he exposes the evil Captitol monuments and all the stuff I’ve been sharing in past blogs.

Taking it back in detail to Osiris and Isis gods of Egypt, (who, by the way, are the same as Nimrod and Semiramis in Babylon and the Bible. Osiris and Isis are their Egyptian names.) Enjoy the update and history lesson of America and the cabal.

Watch It on Rumble

Did it occur to the masses that maybe this calamity has come upon America because of our own complacency which is another word for being lukewarm?

And in this land of New World Order Swamp (organized by false shepherds still asking for your money to get a blessing from the damned.) The blind are leading the blind and they are both falling into ditchs and they aren’t changing a dang thing they are doing. Repentance is for the poor suckers who believe all the Bible stuff. Not for them.

They interpret it and count their coins as they meet their quota’s for the swamp elite who make them as famous or well off as any of the superstars they push. They stand in line for federal grants and tax dollars with their 501c3 non profit organizations, universities, and foundations. It’s a big business. Follow the money. Swamp cabal has infilitrated – and created a big mess in the church, as much as they have in the government.

I am not talking about good pastors, teachers, and prophets. I am talking about the modern day Simon Magnus’s and all those who follow the organized theology interpretations that are far, far away from God’s true message. There are many scriptures that warn of these false shepherds and these days. But, the fact that Jesus the Christ has warned of it and is knocking on the door because he is OUTSIDE OF THE CHURCH should be a BIG WAKE UP CALL!

Meanwhile Sidney Powell has an update ….

Images Surface Of Possible Evidence Destruction And Chinese Involvement In November 2020 Election, Fulton County, GA

Sidney Powell says, “Let the unraveling of all the lies and election fraud begin! 404,000 invalid votes in GA; 432,000 Trump votes trashed in PA; AZ about to be truly audited; MI county official admits fraud; Antrim County MI shows votes flipped; 35,000 votes added to Democratic candidates in AZ upon start of Election Day or just prior.

More to come.
This was COUP 5.0
The presidency and power of the United States of America was stolen with interference by China and Iran & others. We must return to paper ballots. The courts must rectify this fraud. The current occupant of the White House does Not reflect the WILL of #WeThePeople.
Demand paper ballots.