Most republicans side with democrats so often it is difficult to tell the two apart

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John D. Guandolo, It Is President Trump & Patriots Against Everyone Else!

Patriots are paying attention to what is transpiring today, and they realize they have been right all along.

The democrat party is the advocate for our enemies. Democrat ranks contain communists and jihadis, and they give aid and comfort to enemies of America.

While national democrat leadership is the leading edge of the communist Movement in America, neither communists nor jihadis would be as far along as they are if Establishment Republicans were not complicit either by commission or omission.

Remember back several elections cycles to the time when many republicans were elected to Congress riding the Tea Party wave. These people gave great patriotic speeches, told Patriots how they revered the Constitution, and then took office and collectively flipped the bird to the very people who elected them.

Today, most republicans side with democrats so often it is difficult to tell the two apart. When they are not spending their time telling us how wonderful Islam is, they are busy completely ignoring the communists of Black Lives Matter and Antifa destroying America.

Patriots are paying attention.

There are Americans who understand America’s founding principles as articulated in the Declaration of Independence, the structure of our law and government in the Constitution, and they see these under severe assault from all sides.

Only President Donald Trump is standing firm and speaking truth boldly about the enemies of liberty and those who seek to destroy all that is good.

People still supporting the GOP seem to be ignorant of the last two decades of republican GOP cowardice, weakness, and incompetence. They treat tyrannical democrat adversaries as mere “colleagues” always looking for a “compromise.”

There is no compromise between liberty and tyranny.

Democrat and republican elites speak and act as if there will be no consequences for their actions. These seditious traitors continue to brazenly call for more restrictions on liberty while openly calling for attacks on Patriots.

These foolish elites believe there is an indefinite amount of tyranny Patriots will endure. They are wrong.

Patriots now find themselves in a place where they stand firmly with President Trump against democrat communists and their republican elite appeasers.