More sadness in the world of scientific research. Dr. Domenico Biscardi is dead

He said he had definitive evidence that there were nano-devices in the injections. He wanted to lodge a complaint with the European courts. In the recording is the voice of italian researcher Biscardi, who reported on the toxicity of the vaccine, including the presence of graphene oxide, nanoparticles, etc.

The last video was published on 6.1.2022.

We recall that Dr. De Donno, another Italian doctor, was found dead after his research.

Doctor and researcher Domenico Biscardi (controversial according to MSM) was found dead, according to his friends.

Dr Domenico Biscardi said he wanted to file a complaint with the European courts based on the alleged discovery and testimony before the Italian government.

Not so long ago, Dr. Biscardi also spoke about his possible death in the near future: “If I die, I will die a hero.”

“Although the cause of death cannot be determined at this time, if the heart attack were to be confirmed by autopsy, it is possible to think that it was the stress of the research he was doing, as well as the checks he was subjected to and could have caused it. Obviously, these are hypotheses, everything must be confirmed. A supposed attack against him because of the truths he was about to discover…

Domenico Biscardi, a doctor and researcher who has been working for two years to uncover the official story of the pandemic, is dead, and there is still data that has not yet been clarified. From what we know at the moment, there was a death after a heart attack. In the previous days, Dr. Biscardi reportedly received checks from the NAS (County Health Agency) for very important research he had conducted on the content of vaccines, as he himself explained in some of his audio recordings.

Although the cause of death cannot be determined at this stage, if an autopsy confirms a heart attack, it is possible that it was the stress from the research he was doing and the checks he suffered, which would have been fatal to him. We can assume this, but everything must be confirmed.

The murder hypothesis for the truth he was about to reveal to the public is also possible.

People remember him as a hero, a man who put his knowledge at the service of the fight against the totalitarian madness that we suffer.

It joins a long list in Italy, but also in Germany.

Professor Giuseppe De Donno, 54, was found dead on July 28, 2021.

Former head of the pneumology department at Carlo Poma Hospital of Mantoue and father of the hyperimmune plasma method; treatment against Covid using the blood of cured covid patients with high levels of antibodies. As Dr. Donno himself states, at the initial stage, this therapy cured 46 people, and this number increased significantly in the following months. This exceptional treatment costs nothing compared to the billions that vaccines cost. At a time when Italy is once again shaken by the introduction of the Green Passport, the disappearance of this great doctor suits some.

The circumstances of his death are more than doubtful. Late yesterday afternoon found dead: a doctor allegedly committed suicide by hanging in his home in Eremo di Curtatone. One detail: his feet touched the ground…. Other information that does not coincide with reality: Dr. De Donno deeply loved life according to his loved ones, and there was no reason for suicide. An investigation is currently underway and investigators have already seized computers and mobile phones.

Psychiatrist, Dr Meluzzi, very popular in Italy, wrote on Twitter: “De Donno died because he was not one of them. You can kill a man, but not his ideas!”

This is reminiscent of the case of Dr. Andreas Noack, a renowned Austrian chemist who died a few hours after denouncing the risks of graphene hydroxide…Try THIS Smart Meter Shield and Cut Radiation by 98%! It’s Why the Illuminati Are Freaking Out! (VIDEO)

Apparently, in the days leading up to his death, Dr. Biscardi received checks from the NAS for some, in his opinion, very important research he was conducting. At least that is what Domenico Biscardi himself had announced.

Translation: “ALARM
DEAD Dr #DomenicoBiscardi, NOVAX Doctor and Scientific Researcher
Found lifeless in Naples, Days ago he would have received a visit from the #NAS like Dr #DeDonnowho had no Illness, nor Suicidal Will.

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