Misled by Democrats, Americans Freak Out About Omicron

Chad Banghart, Doom and gloom. That’s the message from COVID-obsessed Democrats this holiday season.

In President Biden’s words: “We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated.” Doing his best Bond villain impression, President Biden is unfortunately not alone. Following his “stark” warning to Americans (“stark” is the Biden buzzword of the day), other Democrats are now pushing federal agencies to mandate COVID-19 vaccines and negative test results for air travel—even domestic flights.

We’ve seen it for nearly two years now: Democrats spread fear to exert control, people naturally become scared, and Democrats respond by spreading more fear to exert more control. The goalposts move, rinse, repeat. From Illinois to Massachusetts, vaccine mandates have given a new meaning to government overreach.

Desperate for leadership, many Americans gravitate to doomsayers like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who now proposes masking into perpetuity. But they do so at their own expense. Let’s be clear: There is no reason to panic. Now is not the time to be afraid about the coronavirus.

Before you willingly give up your individual liberty in the name of “science,” apply your critical-thinking skills. Activate your logic and reason. Why do you need to wear a mask to fly in a plane, when you don’t need one standing next to another person in a grocery store? Why wear a mask to get to and from the table in a restaurant, when it can be removed at mealtime?

Because it’s theater. Enough is enough. COVID-19 is becoming endemic, which means that we’ll have to live with it for the foreseeable future. Risk of infection will always exist, but we cannot allow a minimal risk to wreak maximum havoc on society.

The Omicron variant is not, in fact, bringing “severe illness and death.” All of the science points to the latest variant being the most mild yet, with lower risks of hospitalization and death around the world. Numerous countries have conducted studies to that effect, identifying a minor cold as the most common symptom. Yes, there are exceptions, but those are statistical anomalies. And that is worth celebrating!

Over time, Americans have built up a defense shield against the coronavirus, due to mass vaccination and natural immunity. To quote Ralf Reintjes, professor of epidemiology at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences: “The current studies indicate something really good.”

Yet Democrats continue to exploit fear for power, while failing to hold China accountable for the initial outbreak of the virus. The left-leaning mainstream media insists on prolonging the pandemic for as long as possible, knowing that bad news brings good ratings. Our liberal elites treat life like it’s March 2020, even though mass vaccination and natural immunity have made government overreach totally unjustified.

Don’t believe me? Then believe the people who want control over our lives. Believe Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) when she refuses to wear a mask on her flight or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she ditches hers at Democratic fundraisers. Believe CNN employees, including Jake Tapper, when they attend maskless holiday parties to celebrate their “journalism.” (Tapper, of course, recently slammed Sen. Ted Cruz for not wearing a face mask during a recent engagement.)

Believe liberal elites when they walk the walk. It reveals the actual risk associated with COVID-19. Talking the “science” talk means nothing.

Above all else, use your best judgment. Dive into the data. Review the studies. Make your own risk assessment based on the facts, not the rhetoric coming from President Biden or his allies at CNN.

The coronavirus is here to stay, so keep living your life. Over time and with the progression of vaccines and other scientific methods to mitigate the virus, we need to move forward. That means enjoying the holidays with your loved ones and keeping up on all of your family traditions.

Come November, be ready to take control of your own life again. Demand that President Biden holds China accountable for COVID-19. And vote Biden Democrats out of office.

Chad Banghart serves as executive director of the Committee to Defeat the President.