Military court finds William Barr guilty

On June 21, the Office of Military Commissions convicted former Attorney General William Barr of treason, backing Donald Trump’s claim that Deep State agents had infiltrated almost every crevice of his administration. When Trump learned of Barr’s fate, he reportedly told his inner circle (Trump’s task force) “justice has been served,” and that Deep State members posing as Republicans are not available to military justice.

Real Raw News can now report that Barr was taken into custody on May 21, when U.S. Marines operating under the Uprising Act arrested a traitor at his home in McClean, Virginia. He was immediately transferred to Guantánamo Bay, where he stayed in a 2×3-meter cell, awaiting his military tribunal date.

On Tuesday, Barr had his day before the tribunal. In his opening statement, he said he was loyal to Donald Trump before his expulsion. He said he helped establish many of the indictments on which the military can now operate, believing that Trump is interested in “draining the swamp.” But in November Barr had an epiphany; he told the tribunal that Trump had ordered him to bring charges against people with no ties to the political scene, and that, in his view, the trump indictments were intended to settle personal disputes and revenges, not to restore the country’s political integrity.

“President Trump has undermined my trust and judicial authority. When he showed me the list of defendants, I was shocked. I asked him why one person or another was indicted, and he said, “Because they’re criminals, Bill.” When I asked for proof, he said, “Don’t worry, Bill, we’ll find that evidence.” I refused to continue his witch hunt and resigned on December 23,” Barr told the tribunal.

Rear Admiral Dars E. Cranall, who successfully sued the army in another military case against John Podesta, did not seem to be impressed by his explanation.

“Interesting, and largely fictional, account of what happened. Let’s be honest with each other, Mr. Barr. You’ve been given the opportunity to resign – to save face. Not that it matters, because without knowing it, you’ve already been under scrutiny. If you had moral and ethical problems with the prosecutions as early as April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November, why did you wait until December 23 to resign? That doesn’t make much sense,” Rear Admiral Crandall said.

Barr said he wanted to give Trump every chance to realize that he had leaned sharply to the dark side and returned to the light.

“I was trying to help him,” Barr said.

“The truth is exactly the opposite, isn’t it, Mr. Barr? Trump kept you close because he keeps his friends close and enemies even closer, and he’s given you many opportunities to correct your mistakes. Then you stabbed him in the back by denying voter fraud and supporting a fake president. And I’m sure you understand that bribery, especially with an appointed official, is like treason,” Rear Admiral Crandall said.

He showed the tribunal irrefutable evidence of Barr’s criminality — financial documents proving that William and Christine Barr received a $7,000,000 “gift” deposited in a 501C3 called the Conservative Truth Initiative. The depositor, a Chinese national with undisputed ties to the DNC (Democratic Party), spread the funds into several bank accounts. The deposits landed in Barr’s account on December 2, exactly one day after Barr sharply criticized Trump on national television.

“I submit to you,” Rear Admiral Crandall told a trio of officers- judges, “that William Barr knowingly cooperated with the enemy to undermine and de-legitimize the Democratic president-elect of the United States, Donald J. Trump, while betraying his oath to the US Constitution. Simply put, betrayal.”

“What I did was take measures to protect the United States. If I had to, I’d do it again. I would have done it five times,” Barr said finally.

Fifteen minutes later, the court found Barr guilty of treason, outrageous conspiracy, promoting the overthrow of the government, recruiting for service against the U.S. and serving against the U.S., and ruled that he would be executed for his crimes in accordance with the U.S.C.

Rear Admiral Darse scheduled Barr’s hanging on August 2, 2Q21.