When Americans woke up Wednesday, strong coffee wasn’t the only thing they had brewing. Chaos and confusion were brighter than sunrise — and the worst part is that this pandemonium is happening by design.

For months, the power-hungry Democratic Party has schemed to tilt this pivotal presidential election, deploying tactics that dangerously undermined the legitimacy of the democratic process in several key battleground states.

Many observers sounded the alarm over the Democrats’ dirty tricks in recent weeks, foreseeing just this scenario. After all, not only did the Democrats successfully persuade millions of Americans to vote by mail — a process that automatically raises logistical concerns about ballot counting and chain of custody — but they also managed to get states like Pennsylvania to implement controversial ballot drop-boxes, dramatically increasing vulnerability to voter fraud.

Voters in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have already gone to court challenging the management of unattended ballot drop-boxes, and rightfully so. Since local authorities did not adequately monitor and regulate these locations, drop-boxes could have easily become contaminated with improperly cast ballots.

“Transparency is a key to honest and fair elections,” said Phill Kline, Director of the Amistad Project of The Thomas More Society, the public interest law firm representing the plaintiffs in these states.

According to the law firm’s press release, voters are asking the courts for access to security camera video footage for each drop-box in light of alleged fraud. More importantly, the voters also want authorities to separate drop-box and in-person ballots to ensure that the courts can preserve the integrity of the election process.

“Without such action, late ballots may spoil the properly cast ballots through comingling,” Kline said. “We are dealing with unprecedented and late changes to election procedures and the United States Supreme Court has recognized the wisdom of segregating the ballots based on the time and date of receipt to preserve election integrity and to protect properly cast ballots.”

The drop-box madness, however, is only one small part of the chaos created by the Democrats on Election Day. Throughout the day and the evening, voters in battleground states reported a wide variety of blatant election code violations, including election interference, voter intimidation and suppression, illegal campaigning at polling places, and more.

Even certified poll watchers were reportedly kicked out of polling places in Pennsylvania, or prohibited entry altogether. Other reports alleged that the state’s election officials were blocking observation of absentee ballot processing and that observers were fearing for the integrity of the election.

Undoubtedly, many of these cases will spark high-stakes litigation that could drag on for months. We could experience an electoral experience rivaling the scenario of the comedy, “Groundhog Day,” in which the same experience is repeated day after day.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for the traditional Groundhog Day to find out the legitimate winner of the presidential race, but one thing is certain:  the chaos of this election is no comedy.

Election Day may have come to an end, but this presidential election is far from decided. Thanks to the Democrat Party’s desperate attempts to regain power by any means necessary, voters across America continue to endure chaos and confusion during this time of frightening uncertainty.

The American people deserved better than what we got on Tuesday evening.