Microsoft announces Event to show “what’s next for Windows 11”

Microsoft has announced a new virtual event for June 24, where it will showcase “what’s next for Windows”. During this year’s Build event, CEO Satya Nadella had already expressed excitement about the future of Windows, teasing the biggest update to the operating system in the past decade.

Of course, we’ve been hearing a lot of reports and rumors about the future of Windows. Last October, we started hearing about a possible UI overhaul for Windows 10, codenamed Sun Valley, with an update in the second half of 2021. At the time, we thought Windows 10X would be releasing at some point this year, but that didn’t happen, and it’s currently not clear when we can expect these big changes will be making their way to users.

We’ve been seeing some changes make their way to Windows Insiders in the Dev channel – but only a few – and with Insiders now receiving builds from a release branch, it’s looking like the bulk of those changes might not arrive this year, at least not for the general public. So far, we’ve seen new icons for File Explorer and some of the system apps. Microsoft has been quiet regarding the future of Windows 10 so far, so this event will hopefully bring fans something to be excited about.

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Windows 10X was canceled earlier this year, and Microsoft said it believed that the benefits of the technologies it was working on for Windows 10X could be used to benefit its broader userbase. That should mean we’re not likely to see some kind of split in the ecosystem, and whatever is coming will be part of regular Windows 10.

Either way, you can mark your calendars for June 24 at 11AM Eastern Time if you’d like to tune in to the event. You’ll be able to watch it here.

What you need to know

  • New benchmarks tested on hardware running Windows 11 appear to show a boost in performance.
  • One theory is that Windows 11 has been optimized for big.Little architecture that’s seen in Intel Lakefield processors.
  • As with all Windows 11 benchmarks, it’s important to take any results with a grain of salt.

With Windows 11 leaking online, people around the web are rushing to see how it compares to Windows 10. A report from HotHardware suggests that the new operating system from Microsoft delivers a performance boost compared to its predecessor. HotHardware’s theory is that Microsoft optimized Windows 11 to work with the big.Little architecture that’s seen in Intel Lakefield chips and that will likely be in Alder Lake CPUs.

Before we dive any further into benchmarks and theories that attempt to explain them, it’s important to put these figures into context. Windows 11 is not officially released, so any version that someone tests is incomplete. It also won’t have drivers optimized the operating system. This affects benchmarks, especially 3DMark.

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Additionally, benchmark reports don’t always provide a complete picture. There may be other differences between machines than the operating system or other factors that affect performance. We recently saw a story about Windows 11 benchmarks prove to be inaccurate.

With that context, we’ll take a closer look at the results by HotHardware. The site tested a Galaxy Book S with an Intel Core i7 processor running the Windows 10 May 2021 Update and Windows 11 (21996.1).