Michigan: State election Blames Software for Election Steal

Update More States Used this Same Software!

LANSING A failure to update software was the reason for a computer glitch that caused massive errors in unofficial election results reported from Antrim county, the Michigan Department of State said late Friday.

“The erroneous reporting of unofficial results from Antrim county was a result of accidental error on the part of the Antrim County clerk,” the state agency that oversees elections said in a news release.

There was no problem with the voting machines or vote totals, which were preserved on tapes printed from the tabulators, the state said. The problem occurred when the totals by precinct were combined into candidate county-wide totals for transfer to the state, using election management system software, the state agency said in a news release.

“All ballots were properly tabulated. However, the clerk accidentally did not update the software used to collect voting machine data and report unofficial results.”

State officials did not immediately respond to questions about whether they track when and how local officials update their election-related software or whether local officials are required to report needed updates to the state, once they are completed.

But they said any such errors in any county would be caught during the canvassing process, before results are declared official, when boards composed of two Democrats and two Republicans compare the numbers on the tapes printed from the tabulators to the unofficial results that were reported to the state.

Antrim County on Thursday posted updated and revised numbers for the presidential and U.S. Senate races after discovering major errors in the numbers the county initially sent to the Secretary of State’s Office. The effect of the errors gave higher-than-accurate vote totals to Democratic candidates in the heavily Republican county.

The revised numbers — arrived at after manually entering the results from printed tabulated tapes for all 16 precincts — show the northern Michigan county is still red, just not as dark a shade as it was in 2016.

The county is reporting Republican President Donald Trump beat Democrat Joe Biden by about 2,500 votes, with Trump receiving 56% of the slightly more than  17,000 votes cast for president and Biden receiving 42%.

Political observers had expressed shock early Wednesday when the county transferred numbers to the state showing Biden beating Trump by about 3,000 votes. Antrim is a Republican stronghold where local GOP officials have mostly run unopposed in recent elections.

In 2016 in Antrim County, Trump got about 62% support, beating Democrat Hillary Clinton by about 4,000 votes.

County Clerk Sheryl Guy told the Free Press Wednesday that officials sent the initial results to the state without checking them. But they later asked: “How could Democrats take over this county?” she said.

Because most counties in the state — especially smaller ones — use the Dominion Voting Systems equipment that Antrim County does, concerns were raised this week about whether other county results could have been posted with errors.

But that’s not the case, according to the Department of State, which stressed in the news release that the votes were correctly tabulated and the printed tapes showing the results were also accurate in Antrim.

“In order to report unofficial results, county clerks use election management system software to combine the electronic totals from tabulators and submit a report of unofficial results,” the release said. “Because the clerk did not update software, even though the tabulators counted all the ballots correctly, those accurate results were not combined properly when the clerk reported unofficial results.”

The glitch was noticed by local election officials in Antrim County on Wednesday

It wasn’t a full recount of every ballot. Scott said results that were spit out by vote machines were tallied again.

‘The machine itself counted the ballots correctly,’ he said.

Scott said officials were working with the company that provides election software and hardware to determine what happened.

Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox shared during a press conference that in addition to Antrim County, 47 other counties also use the software.

Cox advocated for the counties to ‘closely examine’ the results of the election to see if there were any other discrepancies.

The tactic by the GOP is aimed at discrediting the legitimacy of the election across the country and in the state, where Biden leads by more than 146,000 votes.

The former vice president currently has Trump beat in the state, securing 50.6 percent of the vote compared to the president’s 47.9 percent.

Michigan’s GOP party was unable to say what system is routinely used to count ballots, but spokesman Tony Zammit added that the system had not been used under the tenure of Cox – who took office in early 2019.

Just as mainstream media and Democrats gleefully prepared to announce a Biden win, some of the shenanigans we’ve seen throughout this election was reversed in Michigan.

Stop the presses. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Michigan appears to be back in play as a supposed “software glitch” has been corrected, reversing over 5,500 votes from Joe Biden to President Trump. This “glitch” has been found in 47 other counties, delivering hope that Michigan may, indeed, be red after all.

An election-software glitch in Michigan’s Antrim County that had incorrectly directed votes Democratic presidential candidate to Joe Biden was fixed Friday, putting thousands of vote correctly into President Trump’s totals.

The software had reportedly caused a significant number of votes to be allotted to Biden in a county that has for years been reliably red. In the presumed final count, Biden had originally led in the county by roughly 3,000 votes. Revised totals show that Trump won the county by around 2,500.

Addressing the alleged software glitch, Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox said Friday during a press conference that “47 counties [in Michigan] use this same software in the same capacity.”

It is unknown whether this same glitch reversal will help John James, the Republican Senate candidate who appeared to win only to have that win reversed with late “surfaced” voting for his opponent. The fate of the Senate may hang in the balance as what appeared to be a safe GOP majority has inched closer to being deadlocked or even switching to Democrat control.

In this crazy election cycle, we can’t take anything for granted until the end. Michigan was dead in the water for Democrats, but there is now strong hope that it can be rightly called soon for President Trump.

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