Michael Flynn: We have serious, serious foreign influence with Dominion voting machines

Maria Bartiromo had a bombshell interview with General Michael Flynn this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

He said that America has “serious, serious foreign influence with Dominion voting machines,” and he didn’t hold back on saying it can be proven. While the mainstream media is trying to push the evidence of voter fraud out of the news, huge credit goes to Bartiromo for having General Flynn on to tell what he knows about voter fraud.


On November 16, several members of the MI State legislature sent a letter to Michigan’s Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson requesting that a full, independent audit of the accusations prior to the certification of the vote.  This was after reviewing hundreds of sworn affidavits by GOP and Independent poll challengers and evidence of vote switching by Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan. The radical Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who has a reputation for not telling the truth, ignored their request.

Gateway Pundit reports – On November 23, Matthew DePerno of DePerno Law Offices, LLC filed a lawsuit on behalf of Central Lake resident William Bailey, demanding Antrim County allow a forensic investigation of the Dominion voting machines after it was discovered that thousands of ballots cast for President Trump were counted as votes for Joe Biden.

Additionally, ballots were re-run through the Dominion tabulator machine after a 262-262 tie on a vote for a ballot initiative that would allow a marijuana establishment to be located within the Village of Central Lake. While ballots were being inserted into the machine, 3 of them were destroyed and were not placed through the tabulator. At the conclusion of the recount by the tabulating machine and with three fewer votes, the result was 262-261, and the initiative passed. Of course, this result could only be possible after 3 of the ballots were destroyed.


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Two more unexplainable vote counts in Antrim County also left voters questioning the outcome of the vote result by Dominion.

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