Megyn Kelly will ever return to mainstream media

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She was famously fired from her struggling hour of the “Today” show in 2018 after appearing to defend the use of blackface. She’s since been dabbling with digital media.

“There’s no way she’d ever go back to a big corporate … legacy media [outlet],” the insider told Page Six. “She loves the authenticity and freedom of having her own direct channel.”

Other TV insiders pointed out that after Kelly’s dramatic departure from Fox News and her troubled tenure at NBC, mainstream media isn’t exactly banging down her door. She launched her Devil May Care Media company in September, and debuted a podcast the same month.

Speaking About News

The former TV host has blasted NBC for “canceling” her over the blackface remarks. Meanwhile, she’s been staying in the spotlight via social media. CNN’s Chris Cuomo chided her as trying to be “relevant” earlier this week. She shot back: “Poor Cuomo. The chief nurse assisting CNN’s suicide during the Trump era now lecturing on how to cover the news.”

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