Media was Falsely Claimed Violence Would Stop Once Feds Left Portland

Daniel Greenfield, The media and Democrat leaders, but I repeat myself, vocally insisted that federal law enforcement was causing the violence in Portland.

The Washington Post loudly and falsely claimed that everything was peaceful once an agreement was reached to have local law enforcement protected the federal courthouse.

Shockingly, it was all a bunch of propaganda and lies.

The violence never stopped.

 The 80th night of protests in Portland against systemic racism and police brutality started with a peaceful march through the Laurelhurst neighborhood.

This is what the media claims is “peaceful”.

The night started peacefully enough around 8 p.m. at Laurelhurst Park for a “Direct Action March.” The group grew as it reached the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office at E. Burnside Street and NE 4th Avenue by 9:30 p.m.

“No cops. No KKK. No fascist USA,” the group chanted as it arrived. Many were dressed in black. Some were holding large, yellow shields with the image of black fist indicative of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Forget the rhetoric and the racist insignia. You bring shields to a riot. A rally that includes people carrying weapons and shields is not peaceful.

It’s really peaceful aside from all the violence. And the shooting.

Police received a report that someone fired a gun during conflicting demonstrations in downtown Portland Saturday afternoon.

According to police, two groups of clashing demonstrators argued and fought on the Southwest 3rd Avenue side of the Justice Center and in nearby parks for more than two hours.

Portland police said they heard reports that the two groups used weapons against each other, including paintball guns and mace or bear repellent

Sounds super-peaceful.

Also the staties are leaving.

Oregon State Police are backing out of an agreement to protect the Portland federal courthouse from rioters, after the Multnomah County district attorney announced he will not prosecute most rioters who are arrested, National Review reported.

Multnomah County D.A. Mike Schmidt announced on Tuesday that his office would not prosecute most rioters who have been arrested, except where charges include deliberate property damage, theft, or threat of violence. Police have arrested over 500 people since the riots began, but less than 50 have been prosecuted so far.

Oregon State Police told KOIN 6 on Thursday that they are ending their deployment at Portland’s federal courthouse because of anger over Schmidt’s decision after being called in to assist as part of the agreement reached between local authorities and the federal government.

Governor Kate Brown said the withdrawal was being coordinated between all relevant agencies.

“This transition was made in coordination with local and federal officials,” Brown wrote on Twitter. “If further state support is needed in Portland, OSP troopers will be available to return to the city.”

Nothing to worry about. Except that the whole new arrangement depended on local authorities being able to secure Portland. They can’t.

The state cops are pulling out and the local cops are overwhelmed and have their hands tied.

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