Media Discovers Big Tech Government Censorship It Doesn’t Like

Daniel Greenfield, The media is currently whining that Twitter complied with requests from India’s government to censor tweets critical of its handling of the pandemic. Considering that the media hates Modi’s government and would like to replace him with a leftist, I would take that claim with a grain of salt.

But the more notable thing, from the American perspective, is the bizarre hypocrisy of the same media that urges and celebrates Big Tech censoring Americans over their politics is now pretending to be outraged at Big Tech censoring people in another country at the request of the government.

The media has urged Big Tech to censor Americans who…

1. Are politically conservative

2. Who questioned the results of the 2020 election (but, obviously, not the 2016 or 2000 ones)

3. Who in any way differ from whatever the current official WHO position on the pandemic may be

4. Posted damaging information about Joe Biden’s son

And that’s a very partial list just for starters

Just as with the riots, the media would like a double standard to exist and to be implemented. But even it doesn’t have the power to insist that Twitter follows its mandates in America, but ignore the law in foreign countries. And the media’s moral authority to demand censorship in America, but oppose it in countries where they also oppose the government (for reasons having nothing to do with freedom or human rights, but the Left-Right partisan spectrum) has become entirely laughable.

If the media wants Big Tech to censor its political opponents in America, why shouldn’t every government do the same thing?

You either support free speech or you don’t. And the media opposes free speech. It’s made that abundantly clear. What’s the argument then for complaining about any government demanding that Big Tech do it for it what it did for Joe Biden?