Maricopa County Ballots Arrive For Audit At Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Audit Begins

Sundance, The physical hand count of the Maricopa county ballots in Arizona will start Friday. In addition to physical ballot auditing, a physical canvassing of some voters and addresses will take place to match the ballot to the voter. The pre-selected addresses contain multiple ballot returns, some in the thousands.

Yesterday the tabulation machines were transferred, under custody and with support of sheriffs department, to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Arizona Exposition and State Fairgrounds). The physical ballots arrived today following a similar chain of custody and security transport.

The auditors are trying to be as transparent as possible knowing the outcome, if it turns out as predicted to find significant fraud, will be legally challenged. [Twitter Account Here]

The Auditors have set up a 24/7 livestream of the CCTV system for public review and transparency. [Livestream Link Here]

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