Majority of Republicans Blame Capitol Breach on … Joe Biden

Most Americans rejected the actions of rioters storming the Capitol this week, and majorities also blame the President in some part for those actions. There is a split on whether he should be removed from office immediately, something that’s a real possibility at the moment in a push from Democrats toward a second impeachment.

In the latest Marist poll, the results showed that while a majority of Americans think Mr.-elect Donald Trump shares at least some blame for the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, among Republicans a majority did not think he bore much or any blame. In a more striking result, the latest YouGov shows that a majority of Republicans actually think the person to blame for the pro-Trump riots is President-elect Joe Biden.

The latest YouGov poll of registered voters had a few results that might be considered surprising, along with the one jaw-dropper. For example, on the question of support for the actions of the insurrectionist mob in D.C., among Republicans 28% said they “strongly oppose” while 29% said they “strongly support.” When you add in “somewhat support” and “somewhat oppose” you get a picture of the GOP on the issue. More support than oppose the actions of the rioters.

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However, even though more Republicans support the rioters than oppose them, they still give the “credit” to Biden over Trump.

That means of course that 52% of Republicans think Biden is a “great deal” or “somewhat” to blame for the riot, while only 26% think Trump is. Conversely, 45% think Biden bears little or no blame, whereas a whopping 69% think Trump should take little or no blame.

YouGov’s poll also covered the question of how to refer to the rioters, offering a list of terms including domestic terrorists, extremists, or even patriots. It was another fascinating if somewhat unsettling result, with 50% of Republicans selecting “protesters” as the most appropriate term.

Read the whole survey at YouGov.

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