Major Company Kicks Clinton Foundation to the Curb

 The Clinton Foundation was rocked this week by an announcement from Exxon Mobil that it will no longer be involved in the Clinton Global Initiative, the flagship of the Clinton Foundation, a sponsorship that has held steady since 2009.

It is also being reported that other major corporations, such as Monsanto, are considering severing their ties with the Clintons going forward.

As accusations of corruption continue to mount surrounding foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton family has found itself besieged and paralyzed — and increasingly unpopular.

Though Hillary Clinton’s campaign has dismissed the allegations as mere “distractions,” they have nonetheless released their attack dogs on their critics.


But that tactic may be too little, too late, as even liberal groups and media outlets are digging into the controversy surrounding the foundation, and they aren’t liking what they are finding.

Bill and Chelsea Clinton were in Morocco this week, attempting to showcase some of the charitable work the foundation has been doing in the region.

However, it was recently revealed that the Clinton Foundation has accepted donations from a Moroccan government-owned mining company that stands accused of human rights violations, raising even more questions about the amount and origin of funds coming into the foundation from questionable foreign sources, according to Breitbart.

Major international corporations are averse to controversy, as it is bad for business. If major corporations are now bailing on the Clinton Foundation, that is a strong hint that something very wrong is going on there.

When rats start fleeing a ship, it usually means that it is sinking. Hillary Clinton is going down, and those who remain connected to her stand a good chance of going down as well.

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