Mainstream Media Terrorizes America With Fake News From DC

Todd Starnes, Yesterday the Main Stream Media broke into regular programming with breaking news alerts about a man who they said was arrested in Washington, D.C. with a cache of weapons, ammunition and a “fake inauguration badge.”

Wesley Allen Beeler, 31, of Front Royal, Virgina, was arrested near an inauguration checkpoint by Capitol Police officers.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer called it “very disturbing breaking news.” And that started a cavalcade of terror on social media.

But it was fake news.

Mr. Beeler, who had been hired by a private security company, was only charged with violating DC gun laws and was released under a “stay-away” order.

And it wasn’t a fake inauguration badge, as CNN had reported. It was an unauthorized badge – a badge provided to him by the security company.

“I pulled up to a checkpoint after getting lost in D.C. because I’m a country boy,” he said. “I showed them the inauguration badge that was given to me.”

A person with knowledge of Beeler’s actions, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the case is pending, said Beeler has no extremist ties, cooperated fully with law enforcement and was cleared from further investigation, except for the charge of violating District law by carrying a pistol without a license, the Washington Post reported.

Mr. Beeler was released on personal recognizance – agreed to by the prosecutors and the judge.

He was charged with possession of an unregistered firearm, possession of unregistered ammunition and carrying a pistol without a license.

It turns out that Mr. Beeler’s only “real” crime was getting lost in the nation’s capital and violating their strict gun laws.

“It was an honest mistake,” Beeler told the Washington Post.

“In a tear-filled interview, he said he has spent the past week working as hired security in downtown Washington ahead of the inauguration. He said he forgot that his firearm was in his truck when he left his home in Virginia, where he said he has a license to carry. He said he realized it was there halfway through his trip but that he was running late, so he didn’t turn around. He denied that he had the more than 500 rounds of ammunition listed in his arrest report,” the newspaper reported.

Shame on the Mainstream Media for stirring all of us into a frenzy, once again — based on journalistic incompetence.

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