Hot Summer: MAGA-style gatherings are back

President Trump doesn’t have a Gab account – the account I linked in a previous post just copies messages from his official website. Secondly, some Anons believe that the IlDonaldoTrumpo account is also not his. As with everything you view or read, take it with a grain of time. But when it comes to humor, treat yourself to it. It’s so good for the soul.–

As for RV/GCR… It’s always been my personal policy that I don’t need anyone to take me through the exchange process. This is simply a currency exchange. I’ll know exactly what to do when I show up at my meeting. And I will NEVER tell anyone the details of my currency, including serial numbers, etc. Enough has been said.

Reality Check for your liberal family and friends who think Biden is a “popular” president. yes, sure.

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Big lie: Joe Biden is the most popular president in US history!

Speaking of rallies, it’s so great to see maga-style rallies re-embling. Like Q said, it’s going to be a hot summer. (already written by melda)

Another cryptic little news tweet from (Q) The Storm Rider. I have a sense of authenticity about Annan.

U.S. National Guard to POLAND. NATO /

Canadian military operations / training combat training in the city center

Rudy Giuliani’s computer confiscated A.M


HUNTER’S LAPTOP / Full Circle Return

flynn & 45 (trump) meeting in A.M


(More than 700 National Guard soldiers from Washington are heading to Poland on a NATO mission)

It is common knowledge that the White House is rapidly fading – masond windows, dying lawns. How long can the truth be hidden from a dormant public who truly believe that Biden runs the country from here…?

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Empty White House

I highly recommend following (Q) Storm Rider on Twitter. Smart Anon with up-to-date information. In the know? Maybe.

Here’s Storm Rider’s tweet about Lin Wood, who’s steering through empty rooms in the White House looking for “Joey.” Invaluable proof that Biden is not an active president of the United States. (written by melda)

Anoni says other important Washington DC buildings are empty , suchas the Supreme Court. Add to this mystery video footage from intrepid citizen journalist Richard, which shows a large amount of police and military activity in the area.

It’s great to see parents finally fighting against the obligation of children to wear face masks in schools – finally.

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HUNDREDS of concerned parents in Vail, Arizona attended a school board meeting to protest children’s obligation to wear face masks in schools. They didn’t want to leave. The council was stunned and overwhelmed in numbers… and all the board members have decided to quit!

Parents then elected new board members and immediately abolished the obligation to wear face masks in schools!

If you’re not already fighting Amazon, this Gab post from Major Patriot will make you think…

JUST IN – Amazon’s quarterly profit more than tripled to $8.1 billion during the period of restrictions and pandemics.

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When a red pill starts entering your system, “If they lied about this, what else are they lying about?”

When the red pill takes full advantage: “Oh, my God… they lied about everything.”


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I love this shirt. Pepe Lives Matter on


My mask is inside, it’s called the immune system.

The Alliance obviously has it under full control. How else could Lin Wood — an avid Trump supporter — walk in an empty White House?? It’s not a conundrum, World Patriots.

The increased military and police activity around the White House, along with the new fresh fencing, is a cause for great interest. Watch this space. We have exciting times ahead of us.

Where We Go One We Go All.

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X22 Report 2465b

It’s going to happen, keep fighting, go too far, hit ten times harder.

DS is now trying to stop the audit in Arizona. Fake News keeps saying that it doesn’t mean anything, that they’re conspiracy freaks pushing this forward, if that’s true, so why send around 100 lawyers, why write a letter now to make it a federal case. Trump is hinting that he will run in 2024, think logically about how he can run if voter fraud is not solved. Is he talking about 2024 or something else?

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RedPill78 — CBS lies for Biden, Justice Department (MS) seeks to suppress political dissidents, conspiracy to arrest Chauvin uncovered.

Biden’s State of the Union address went down like a lead balloon, and CBS falsified the numbers to prove it, Merrick Garland and MS are looking for new powers to suppress political dissidents, and MS is planning new charges for Chauvin, public scrutiny is not over…

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Rudy Giuliani tells you to your face that for some reason, the FBI didn’t confiscate Hunter Biden’s hard drives in his suite at the time of the FBI raid.

This FBI raid on Giuliani certainly drew a lot of attention to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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“The state is in great damage, enormous damage is done to this nation,” Paxton said.

Texas Attorney General: More lawsuits against the Biden administration over the border crisis

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Never forget what was stolen from you.

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Johnson & Johnson, creators of the shampoo “No More Tears,” will introduce the vaccine “No More Clots ” no more blood clots.”

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Did you know that when sperm and an egg meet for the first time, you can see a flash of light under a microscope? Life begins with conception, and the worst sin the world has ever known is that we’ve ever had people persuaded to murder their own children… It’s like it’s nothing.

Amazing video shows a bright flash of light when sperm meets an egg and begins human life

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Relatively soon, suddenly, and apparently out of nowhere, three generations of right-leaning Americans spontaneously lose all faith in the system. At the same time, they will realize that there is not a single remaining institution to believe in, and they will admit that there is nothing worth reforming in American culture and politics. What’s next?

You’ll find out soon enough.

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The most powerful people on the planet can’t stop the virus from spreading, but if you give them more money, they’ll change the temperature of the planet.