Louisiana High School Student Sues School for Banning Pro-Trump Street Painting


A Louisiana high school student is taking his school to court after it banned his pro-Trump street painting despite allowing the other students’ art to stay.

Ned Thomas, a senior at Pine High School in Washington Parish, was participating in the “Seniors Paint Your Parking Spot” program where students are allowed to decorate their parking spots in the school parking lot. But the school destroyed his patriotic Trump painting claiming it was “too political.”

Thomas said that he submitted his design to the principal, and it was approved, but the day after he finished the art, the school eliminated his painting.

“I woke up and I had missed calls from our principal and told me, ‘I’m sorry, but it had to be painted over.’ The school board office had forced the school to do it. I was just quite shocked and I didn’t know what to think exactly and I went out there and it was gone,” Thomas said according to Louisiana Radio Network.

 Louisiana High School Student Sues School for Banning ProTrump Street Painting

The painting was entirely innocuous. It consisted of the president’s face wearing American flag-themed sunglasses and bandana. There was no overt message other than Trump in patriotic colors.

The student said he is a big fan of President Trump and does not understand why a simple painting without a stark political comment is not allowed.

He was also upset because the school charged him $200 to give him the permission to paint his parking spot. But now there is just a gray splotch where his painting used to be.

“I just want to be able to paint on my spot which is a picture of the President. It’s not anything obscene or absurd or anything to that extent, it’s just a picture of the President of the United States,” said Thomas added.

Now he is suing the school and a GoFundMe has been started to help him with legal expenses.