Los Angeles Times Falsely Blames Trump for Homeless Attacks on Asians

Daniel Greenfield, It took all of 5 minutes for Kurt Bardella at the Los Angeles Times to revive the same old dishonest narrative about attacks on Asians.

In two articles, Dems Blame Trump for Anti-Asian Hate Crimes by Minorities, last year, and AOC Blamed Trump for Assaults on Elderly Asians; The Attacker was Muslim, this year, I went through the list of anti-Asian attacks and found that they were predictably being carried out by minorities.

But after the spa shootings in Atlanta, the Democrat media finally found a white guy to tie to all the attacks on Asians. And the LA Times debuted Bardella’s spin op-ed, “Trump and the GOP put a bull’s-eye on the backs of Asian Americans”.

Yeah, no.

The shooter in Atlanta wasn’t a racist. He was a sex addict.

And the rest of Bardella’s examples make the opposite argument.

A few days ago, Nancy Toh, an 83-year-old grandmother, was assaulted by a man who spit in her face and then punched her in the nose in Westchester, N.Y.

Toh was attacked by Glenmore Nembhard, a homeless man with a long criminal record. He’s probably not a Trump voter.

The suspect is homeless and has a long violent history.

This is exactly the kind of violent attacks that have taken off since Democrats decided that criminals were their latest civil rights cause and let them out of prison.

Last week, a woman was charged with a crime for spitting at an Asian American man and yelling an ethnic slur at him as he dined outdoors in Silicon Valley.

The attacker there was at least white, but once again, homeless. And had shoplifted right before that. That’s a crime that California Democrats legalized. They also decided to stop locking up homeless people with mental problems and drug issues.

This mess isn’t Trump’s fault. It’s the fault of Democrats for unleashing criminals and crazies, and then acting like it’s a surprise when some of them turn out not just to be thugs and robbers, but also bigots.

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