Liberal Reporter Reminds Progressives of Their Unhinged 2016 Electoral College

Matt Vespa, The Plot Against Trump!

He’s a liberal, but he’s not afraid to shoot inside the ship when his side is being stupid. Michael Tracey is a reporter who you’ll probably disagree with on 95 percent of the issue, yes. But he’s not afraid to call out his colleagues who have become straight-up unspooled since 2016. Tracey is a Russia collusion skeptic. He’s also a bigger skeptic in the ‘Trump is a fascist who’s plotting a 2020 coup’ narrative that some members of the media were peddling in the waning days of the 2020 election. So, what grenade did Tracey throw into the tent now?

Well, the Left is beating their chest, declaring that Trump should concede and his refusal to do so is somehow detrimental to democracy. Yeah, you don’t do that with all these allegations of voter fraud, though his legal team hasn’t had many good moments as of late. The Nevada decision is very promising, however, though time is running out. Still, in our case, we have scores of witnesses who claim voter irregularities, especially concerning the illegal backdating of ballots. In 2016, it was a hyper-emotional meltdown from the Left who simply could not believe Hillary lost. Trump has reasons to mount a legal fight. Hillary did not. And still, liberal America went on a full-throated assault against the Electoral College. We had Paul Krugman of The New York Times calling the result illegitimate, coupled with scores of pieces about how electors should go rogue and back Clinton. I mean, take a look at this headline in The Washington Post by Lawrence Lessig: “The Constitution Let’s the Electoral College Choose the Winner. They Should Choose Clinton.” Michael Moore and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes talked about pressuring and persuading electors to not vote for Trump.

Funny how @chrislhayes completely memory holed this.

Tracey keeps the receipts, folks.

“I knew it would be widely denied that prominent liberals floated an Electoral College coup in 2016, which is why I contemporaneously saved a bunch of examples,” he wrote.

Well, when this failed, they just weaponized a media-manufactured myth in Russian collusion. Still, it goes back to the two separate rules doctrine regarding liberal and conservative America. Liberal America can protest an election result and peddle pieces about a coup, but conservatives cannot, even when allegations of funny business are lobbed.

Again, time is ticking. The Nevada hearing on alleged voter fraud is set for December 3.

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