Levin skewers Democrats’ impeachment articles in under 5 minutes

Thursday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin made quick work of dismantling the two reasons House Democrats have put forward for impeaching President Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, House Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against the president, one for abuse of power in relation to the Ukraine foreign aid controversy and another for obstruction of Congress for not complying with House Democrats’ impeachment probe into the Ukraine matter.

Levin ripped into the claim that the president obstructed Congress. “Let’s be blunt about this. This isn’t obstruction of Congress; the president is not complying with the Democrat majority in the House. It has nothing to do with the Senate, has nothing to do with the Republicans. The Democrat majority in the House, which are making outrageous demands of an executive, which no executive in American history would ever comply with.”

In response to the abuse of power claim, Levin said that “every single president can be charged with abuse of power, because the nature of our system is with three branches, one accusing the other or others of abuse when they don’t comply. So there is no threshold here. The threshold is so low as to be no threshold. There’s no standard here.”

Yet despite the apparent lack of concern about far worse abuses of power by previous presidents, Levin pointed out, “this president, you see, if he’s not impeached, well, you hear the Democrats say, we’re going to lose our democracy. They don’t even know it’s a republic.”

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