Leigh Dundas Human Rights Attorney Speaks to National Walkout Week Nov. 8th – 11th

Unless we unite, they will continue to deny our liberties. #NATIONALWALKOUT


Recently firefighters, police, doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers and people from all walks of life have taken a stand — and said “NO” to employers mandating the vaccine. Across the nation and abroad, people are peacefully rising up in unity against vax mandates.

This is the moment in history when we take back our God-given freedoms — or risk losing them forever. The tipping point has now been reached in this country: for 4 consecutive days, employees are striking against companies mandating the vaccine. Join the Nationwide Walkout & Stand for Freedom!*

*Not applicable to employees who by law/contract are not allowed to strike. Nothing herein constitutes legal advice.

Stand for Freedom – Nationwide Walkout

Nationwide strike begins, protesting the evil vaccine mandates, which are designed to kill huge amounts of the population over the next five years.

Stand For Freedom

Advocates for Citizens’ Rights, a California non-profit founded by attorney Leigh Dundas, along with Robert Kennedy Jr.’s organization Children’s Health Defense have joined other high-profile groups and individuals to promote a Nationwide Walkout & Stand for Freedom to take place November 8-11. The purpose of the voluntary work strike is to protest vaccine mandates in the workplace. This event carries the social media hashtag of #AxeTheVax.

The movement was started by regular every-day American workers reaching out to Dundas and others looking for a way to join together collectively in order to have their actions felt, and their voices heard. “This nationwide walkout has spread like wildfire, with white collar professionals joining the supply chain workers and truckers — and employees from every industry and all faiths, creeds, races and political affiliations — now pledging they will strike during the week of November 8, as a statement that jobs should never be conditioned on medical mandates and tyranny,” Dundas said.

Dundas continued, “The blue-collar folks I talked to were working at large companies that were 40%, 50%, and often as high as 75% unvaccinated — and willing to hold the line. These guys are drawing a line in the sand, making a stand for freedom. And I believe in my core that the week of November 8 will go down in the history books as the day that freedom rose up, tyrannical mandates went on the run, and history was changed for the better.”

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