LeBron’s Lakers Win Title & Thousands Of Fans Ignore Virus Restrictions While Some Riot

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Los Angeles Lakers fans partied outside the Staples Center, with few masks to be seen, after the team won their first title in over a decade. The “largely peaceful” crowd brawled, attacked the police, and looted local stores.

Once again after the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA finals, riots fill the streets outside the Staples Center. The mob started as a few intoxicated and rowdy Lakers fans began throwing beer bottles and other “projectiles” at uniformed police officers that swarmed the arena.

The few isolated incidents soon grew to a large mob of sports fans which soon made their way down the streets of Los Angeles turning over police cars and breaking into local businesses. Some innocent bystanders became injured in the incident as the hoard came rushing down the streets.

The police soon responded with riot gear and shots of tear gas which were thrown into the mass of hysterical fans. In all, the damage was that was caused that night was in the millions…

Although it’s great that the police eventually cleared the riot, it’s worth asking why the rioting fans were allowed to gather in the first place. The Constitution may guarantee the “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” but it doesn’t say anything about massive groups of people gathering in the streets to celebrate a team winning a championship.

Under normal circumstances, a crowd celebrating an NBA championship with few masks to be seen wouldn’t be a big deal, but given the tight Coronavirus restrictions on Los Angeles, it makes you wonder why they get special treatment. Los Angeles has a mask mandate.

They encourage people not to allow visitors to their homes. Barbershops are allowed to open at 25% capacity while nail salons & massage therapists aren’t allowed to offer services indoors. Tattoo parlors aren’t even allowed to operate outdoors. K-12 schools are closed.

Even churches aren’t even allowed to have indoor services, but if thousands of morons without facemasks want to gather to scream in each other’s faces after the Lakers win, that’s completely fine.  At a minimum, LA should be evenly applying the law and it’s okay for thousands of people to have a street party that turns into a riot, it should be okay for businesses and churches to be open to the public.