Leave No Trace-The Biden Administration is Removing Our Past

Loyd Pettegrew, Peter Rock wrote the book Leave No Trace that would later be turned into a film. The term is also a Boy Scout motto motivating scouts to leave no evidence of their travels through and camping in our natural environs.

Daily we are confronted with the progressive intention of the Biden Administration and its usual media capacitors—to leave no trace, not one, of the many positive things President Trump did during his four years in office. The Biden administration has been full-throttling its attempt to remake America for worse rather than for better and both the deep state and liberal media complex are extolling this affront. It is eerily reminiscent of Stalin’s erasing people from portraits with him who had fallen out of favor during his bloody reign in Russia according to Tom Rocha.

As Bruce Thornton has pointed out, ”After nearly a century of the ever-expanding concentration and reach of federal power, with the Biden administration we have reached an inflection point where that power is becoming the very tyranny the Founders sought to prevent. What else do you call it when, to advance the interests of a partisan faction [progressives], the National School Boards, the Attorney General marshals the FBI, along with several other federal agencies, investigate parents who are exercising their Constitutional rights to question and demand accountability from locally elected school boards that lie beyond the Constitutional authority of the federal government.”

The Washington Examiner just reported, “Andrew McCabe was the number-two man at the FBI during the years disgraced former Director James Comey was in charge. He was a critical part of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation targeting the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. He took part in the FBI’s misrepresentations to a secret foreign surveillance court when it wrongly wiretapped former campaign aide Carter Page. And he was found, by the Justice Department’s own inspector general, to have lied repeatedly to investigators looking into his leaks to the media during the Hillary Clinton email investigation. For that, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe on March 16, 2021.”

To add injury to our insult, the DOJ has now settled McCabe’s suit against them, agreeing to reimburse him $200,000 in lost pension benefits and expunging his record of his malfeasance that led to his dismissal along with paying McCabe’s lawyers $539,000 for representing him.

It has taken Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton months filing FOIAs and costly motions for discovery for briefs from Nancy Pelosi and her Capitol Police that counter the hearsay spouted by Democrats about the January 6 public protest being a “violent insurrection.” The only measurable violence that day was the shooting and death of military veteran Ashli Babbitt by Capitol Police officer Lt. Michael Byrd. They want the whole truth and nothing but the truth about that incident to follow McCabe’s wrongdoing down our nation’s memory hole. The Biden enablers also want the election irregularities in Arizona and Georgia to be dead and buried, prompting Fitton and Judicial Watch to file amicus briefs.

Our new normal since Mr. Biden tottered into the West Wing has been supply chain disruptions, vaccine mandates, sky-high gasoline prices, and run-away inflation after Trump brought down the Obama inflation rate with America experiencing 3.5 years of deflation; it is now at 5.3% while unemployment continues to rise thanks to Stasi-like efforts to force everyone to be vaccinated like much of Australia has done, with only New South Wales refusing, woke General “Thoroughly Misguided” Milly being permitted to back-channel with his colleagues in China’s military with no reprisals from the Biden team, and their continuing encouragement of able-bodied Americans to not work.

Another way the current administration is forcing Americans to forget our past is by changing voting laws permanently. In response to President Joe Biden’s governmentwide directive to eliminate “anti-voter burdens” and “significant obstacles” that prevent people of color from voting, “more than a dozen federal agencies have announced unprecedented initiatives that could conveniently result in more votes for Democrats. Being led by Obama buffoon, Susan Rice, the plan directs the federal government to leverage its vast resources to increase access to voter registration services and information about voting.” This “make people of color vote program” is another progressive solution looking for a real problem (not enough minorities are willing to go to the polls and vote Democrat) where none exists.

Let’s be honest, the Biden administration’s alliterative “Build Back Better” con job will erase another Trump accomplishment, a strong labor market. As economists Casey Mulligan and Vance Ginn have pointed out, “Both the revenue and expenditure provisions of this agenda will cause substantial decreases in employment. The only difference will be how…Pushing these programs further into the budget window may change the headline spending number, but it won’t change the economic damage they will do to the economy.”

Conservatives standing back and doing nothing is the antithesis of a workable solution for our nation. We must mount a Churchillian effort to fight against progressive tyranny. Doing nothing leads to even more decay and oppression.

We are at the tipping point. Going along to get along will change nothing but ensure more decay and oppression which is exactly what our oligarchy wants for us. As Dan Gelernter warned, “There is no solution to this problem short of a Constitutional Convention that restores our elections to their original format: Voting on election day, and in-person, Until we make that happen, there is no point in hoping the next election will be magically less fraudulent than the last one. Hope is an excuse not to act.”

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