Lawsuit in Georgia from Trump Attorney Phillip Kline Targets over 100,000 Illegal Votes

Is this a second kraken released in Georgia?

On Wednesday, the Amistad Project filed a lawsuit contesting the Georgia results.

The lawsuit claims that over 100,000 illegal votes were improperly counted and tens of thousands of legal votes remained uncounted.

Kline also commented about outside money influencing the corruption:

Phillip Kline


The expert analysis of government data showing that the total number of illegal votes counted and legal votes not counted is greater than 200,000 — vastly exceeding the 12,670-vote margin in the presidential election contest.

If proven, Big Tech’s fingerprints are on this election in more ways than one.

Kline’s lawsuit is separate from the impending kraken to be released by Sidney Powell.
Powell still expects to file hers later Wednesday evening:

John Solomon also reported on the Amistad Project lawsuit:

John Solomon

Breaking: Legal group files lawsuit challenging more than 200,000 ballots in Georgia 
Legal group files litigation questioning more than 200,000 ballots in Georgia
Filing argues that “well over 100,000 illegal votes were improperly counted.”

From Just the News:

A conservative legal group filed a lawsuit Wednesday arguing that more than 200,000 votes in Georgia may have been either illegally counted or improperly uncounted, a number that dwarfs the current lead Joe Biden enjoys over President Trump in the state’s official tally.

The Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project announced its latest battleground state litigation, claiming government data indicates that “well over 100,000 illegal votes [in Georgia] were improperly counted, while tens of thousands of legal votes were not counted.”

The alleged ballot errors “undercu[t] the integrity of the general election,” Amistad Project Director Phill Kline said in a press release.

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