Lawsuit filed: RW Malone vs. WP Company, LLC

Robert W Malone MD, MS, Sometimes, you have to do what is right – no matter the personal cost.

Over the last year, I have been defamed, slandered and censored. My words taken out of context and weaponized in attempts to discredit me. A concerted effort was made to write me out of history and deny my intellectual and scientific contributions.

On of the most egregious offenders has been the Washington Post.

Their reporter first approached me with an offer to shadow me at the January, 2022 “Defeat the Mandates” Rally in DC with this message: (Picture Above)

Having been defamed and slandered by state-sponsored media before, I had learned enough about how these reporters approach their targets to politely turn down the offer to “profile” me by a WaPo reported who has “respect for you and your body of work.”

For another example please see here , here , here and here.

In retrospect, my gut instinct was right. I felt like I was being set up (I can’t get into the head or Mr. Bella and speak to his motives – maybe others can).

Can you only imagine what would have been written and published IF I had agreed to have Mr. Bella shadow me – as he requested?

Let my experience be a lesson to all concerned.

Linked below is the PDF of the lawsuit filed today:

Their article was based on my speech at the Defeat the Mandates rally in DC.

Here is a link to that video.

Some of the more defamatory statements the WaPo has said about me (listed in the lawsuit):

  • The headline falsely states thatDr. Malone’s claims have been“discredited” and that his views constitute “misinformation”;
  • “Robert Malone stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial before thousands of anti-vaccine and anti-mandate demonstrators Sunday, [and] the medical doctor and infectious-disease researcher repeated the falsehoods that have garnered him legions of followers”
  • ‘Regarding the genetic covid vaccines, the science is settled,’ [Malone] said in a 15-minute speech that referenced the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy. ‘They are not working.’ The misinformation came two days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its first studies”
  • Dr. Malone’s “claims and suggestions have been discredited … as not only wrong, but also dangerous”
  • ‘There is a huge market for misinformation … The way he’s framed in the conspiracy-theory world is that he’s a courageous whistleblower rather than someone who is spreading misinformation — and it’s only enhancing his profile’”
  • While Malone is a brilliant scientist who has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge about vaccines, “there is reason to be concerned about how his newfound stardom could be a public health risk”
  • “‘there’s a risk we’re all facing when he’s not accurately representing the information’
  • “On [the Joe Rogan Experience], he promoted an unfounded theory called ‘mass-formation psychosis,’ telling Rogan that a ‘third of the population [is] basically being hypnotized’ into believing what the mainstream media and Anthony S. Fauci … report on the vaccines”
  • “‘You have this individual [Dr. Malone] who has all these credentials and this history in the biomedical world, so that looks impressive. And he’s referencing a study that, on the face of it, may look impressive. But you don’t know that the study is fraudulent’ … Malone has ‘weaponized bad research’”
  • “With his increased profile in recent weeks, some are calling on him to take a step back and reflect on the damage his misinformation is causing”

The Washington Post then republished the Article on January 25, 2022 in a piece that accused me of spreading “dangerous lies”, “dangerous falsehoods”, “misinformation”, and “untruths”. WaPo went so far as to accuse me (Dr. Malone) of “leading his followers on a journey to illness, suffering and possible death”.

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