Lady Gaga: I regret selling my soul to the dark forces

Singer Lady Gaga spoke openly for the first time about her membership with the Illuminati and said she regretted joining the secret society. Gaga, who suffers from fibromyalgia* says she believes her chronic illness is the result of letting dark forces enter her body when she sold her soul to the Illuminati early in her career.

*Fibromyalgia is a syndrome characterized by chronic, generalized pain that prevents patients from normal activities. People with fibromyalgia suffer from muscle, neck, shoulder and back pain. They sleep poorly, often stiffened after waking up or when moving after a longer session.

The singer made the announcement in a new Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, which was originally intended to be a portrait of a troubled pop star. But his final version seems to be more of a montage of rehearsal footage, studio sessions, public appearances, private late-night interviews, medical appointments, and a few weeping breakdowns on camera.

According to the staff who worked on the document, a number
of interviews were interrupted and then cut out due to instructions from above
 Describing some of the more interesting scenes that were cut from the final version of the documentary, unnamed staff revealed that Gaga had talked about meeting a Catholic priest with whom she discussed the possibility of exorcism to rid her body of the evil spirits she had invited into her body during satanic rituals early in her career.

Gaga described how she was initiated among the Illuminati by surrendering her soul. The ceremony was scheduled to take place at New York’s Lower East Side Club after she made a performance there in 2006. Gaga described the experience as “very real and visceral, and not at all metaphorical.”

“I just finished performing on stage, it was a good show. I was uplifted by the love and applause of the audience. Then I went out to light a cigarette and I was thinking about taking some more cocaine. I wanted something more. I wanted more of everything. I just wanted to feel good at last. To feel something.
Then a mystery man in a suit spoke to me. You couldn’t tell from his face how old he was, as if he didn’t even have any age.
He leaned against the wall, smoked and said to me, “I think you can do it, but it’s not free.” Do you want it?
I asked what it was.
I thought he was going to come up to me, but he smiled at me and said, “Everything… success. glory. wealth. power. Do you want it all?”
 looked at him
curiously. I couldn’t tell.
Then he just stood there and sang one of my songs that I’d performed at a performance earlier. It was otherworldly. I stared at him completely stunned, like a dark jewel mined from the deepest ocean.
I fell to my knees and asked him who I should worship. I looked him right in the eye and told him I wanted it all. I told him I’d do anything for it.”

Before meeting the man Gaga describes as “my enlightened prince,” she had little commercial success or recognition as an artist. Most of the time, she played late at night in secluded bars and sauching clubs.

Gaga was able to create music that made her famous and
achieve everything she ever dreamed of in exchange for one thing: Her soul At night at the Mercury Lounge in New York, Gaga made a deal with this dark “prince”, and suddenly success was a piece of cake for her. In exchange for her soul, Gaga was able to create the music that made her famous, along with the most respected collaborators, producers and promoters in the business. All of a sudden, they mysteriously wanted to work with an unknown club singer, and there were already imaginary queues in front of her.
In one year, she became one of the best-selling artists on the planet.

“His promises came true very quickly. In the beginning, I thought we made a good team. But soon after, I began to suffer. Gaga
has been battling opposing forces within her for years. And in the documentary, she often struggles with herself. One side of her is driven to power, the other looks like she’s fighting dark forces.

Gaga has been suffering from fibromyalgia for years, a chronic painful condition that is a physical manifestation of her struggle to get out of the domination of the Illuminati-dominated music industry and cancel her contract with the “dark prince.”

“They can give you special powers, external beauty, talent and wealth for a while… but it won’t last,” Gaga said. “That’s why so many people dabbling in black magic are so unhappy. At first, they shine brightly like a morning star, and then it suddenly ends in suicide, or they’re wiped out by drugs.”

Lady Gaga announced in the fall of 2017 that she was changing the schedule for the European portion of her Joanne World Tour due to “severe pains affecting her performance.” In an Instagram post that shows a photo of her holding a rosary and praying, she said she “has always been honest about her physical and mental problems” and “has been looking for years to bounce back from the bottom.” And that instead of concerts, she had to be “with her doctors” to continue her career.


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