Kentucky County GOP Votes Unanimously To Censure McConnell

Nelson County GOP voted unanimously to censure Mitch McConnell over his comments about Donald Trump.

McConnell’s speech prompted Nelson County GOP leaders to hold an emergency meeting, voting unanimously to issue a resolution censuring the senate majority leader for his comments.

“This has shown his true colors,” Nelson Co. GOP Chairman Don Thrasher said. “We felt today during his floor speech on the senate where he impugned the character of President Trump was unacceptable to us. his whole behavior overall through this whole process of the last week is not consistent with what he promised us when he was running for re-election.”

McConnell hasn’t said how he will vote in the second impeachment trial of President Trump, but has said it’s a “vote of conscience” and will be based on facts. But in light of the impending impeachment trial in the Senate, Thrasher has also proposed a resolution calling on McConnell to vote to acquit Trump.

“Basically calling for Senator McConnell to support President Trump and denounce the second impeachment as divisive,” Thrasher said.

McConnell turned his back on Republicans on the Senate floor:


According to Thrasher, the process for special meetings requires a 15% quorum to start the meeting and anyone who attends the meeting will be eligible to vote. A simple majority of those present and voting would be enough to pass the resolution.

“These comments may suggest there are some divisions that the Republicans will have to work through before they can start to be unified again,” Marcosson said.

Marcosson said McConnell’s comments indicate the second impeachment trial of President Trump will look “very, very different” than the first. His comments, according to Marcosson, signal the majority leader wants to keep “an open mind.”

“But when you say the president has lied about something so significant and that his lies about the election have incited people to violence against the orderly process of government, it’s hard to see how you back away from that. It’s hard to see how that doesn’t lead you to a vote to convict,” Marcosson said.

McConnell’s office on Tuesday night said it didn’t have any further comments in regards to the actions taken by Nelson Co. GOP.

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