Kemp from Georgia on signing the new Election Bill, Arrests And Biden Presser

Here is Governor Kemp from Georgia giving his news conference on signing the new Election Bill. This is what was happening behind the door Park Cannon was knocking on and wanting to go inside and make a spectacle.

Georgia Dem. Rep. Cannon Arrested As Gov. Kemp Signs Elections Bill

It is looking like the old way of behaving isn’t going to play out like it used to. At least not for Rep. Park Cannon who tried to make her way into Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s office banging on his door, interrupting his livestreamed announcement that he had signed an elections bill into law. A bill she totally didn’t agree with that requires ID for absentee ballots, limits drop boxes and changes early voting hours.

Democrat Representative Erica Thomas said she was upset Cannon was arrested at all because state law says legislators are “free from arrest during sessions of the General Assembly” except for charges of treason, felonies or breach of the peace. It’s unclear what charges Cannon is facing.

In typical not so peaceful fashion, the Dems cackled and shouted outside the Governors door arguing their way into a set of handcuffs only to have the shock of her life as she’s hauled away like any one would be who acted as such. Could this be happening to her? She’s a Democrat, she’s a Biden gal. Something just ain’t right here and she’s not the only one thinking that. This is not normal in the new abnormal world. Rarely does anyone see a Democrat held responsible for any of their actions. It is looking like something has transpired in Georgia….something got the governor to sign the law that holds accountability in elections….but what?

The officers forcibly removed Cannon, a Democrat from Atlanta, dragging her through the Capitol and pushing her into a police car. Now….I wonder what the charges will be? Wonder if there was a warrant or if her actions were enough for the arrest?

Something tells me it may be an arrest for a bit more than door knocking. What say you?

Which brings us to the next question….”Where was Governor Kemp going immediately after?” Does he always have that much security with him?

Speaking About News

The sweeping 94-page legislation divided Republicans and Democrats as it passed the House Special Committee on Election Integrity along party lines.

Voting rights advocates said the measure, Senate Bill 202, would limit voter access by curtailing ballot drop boxes, requiring voter ID for absentee ballots and disqualifying provisional ballots cast in the wrong precinct.

When you read the bill you will know why Stacey, and her Legislators are all in an uproar. God is good…this is a win for Georgia and future elections. All I can say is … WHO’S NEXT!

Click link to see copy of 95 page bill: C:\pdf\200015.wpd (

Biden White House received hard questions from the new White House Reporter Ronald Crump. It has to be true because he’s seen wearing a CNN Identification tag.

Speaking About News


The hardest part will be deciding which game you like best…Super Stairio Bidens or Stairio Biden Presser.


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