Justice John Roberts Says He Does Not Want to Preside Over Second Impeachment

Chief Justice John Roberts says he does not want to preside over a second sham Senate impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump.

Democrats want to impeach President Trump after he leaves office which has never happened in US history.

Democrats are desperate in their attempts at destroying President Trump. They want payback for him exposing their corruption and failures for four years.

Chief Justice John Roberts is eager to avoid presiding over Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial – after he became a lightning rod during the first one.

Just as the Senate is seeking to ascertain how it might proceed with an impeachment trial without blowing up the start of Joe Biden’s term, the Supreme Court could face its own business being rearranged.

The Constitution states that ‘When the President of the United States is tried the Chief Justice shall preside.’

But with the Senate having been in recess since the House voted to impeach, the trial will occur when Trump is no longer in office – potentially giving Roberts an out.

For the record… Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz insists Democrats cannot impeach President Trump saying you can’t impeach an official who is no longer in office.

US Attorney and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning to discuss Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party’s latest plans to impeach President Trump before the inauguration ceremonies next week.

According to Alan Dershowitz Democrats have zero chance of impeaching President Trump this week or after he leaves office.

Alan Dershowitz: “The case cannot come to trial in the Senate. Because the Senate has rules and the rules would not allow the case to come to trial until, according to the majority leader, until 1 PM on January 20th an hour after President Trump leaves office.

And the Constitution specifically says, “The President shall be removed from office upon impeachment.” It doesn’t say the former president. Congress has no power to impeach or try a private citizen, whether it be a private citizen named Donald Trump or named Barack Obama or anyone else.”

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