Juan O Savin has some insights he has not shared before

Be patient, for many in the Cabal are yet to unravel in order to get all of them involved in the wicked plans to rule the world. When God says enough is enough and it is time to end the evil…he means ALL THE EVIL. GOD IS UNVEILING ALL THINGS…

God and God only has the power to shake the heavens and bring all the evil ones down to hell where they belong. So pray for faith, direction and wisdom.

Meanwhile, Juan O Savin has some insights he has not shared before.

Listen close and hear the message.

Stay strong!

Today, the world is watching the sick guy with dementia falling up the steps and shaking their heads in disbelief. The only thing holding off a strike on the USA is the fact that even the world leaders know that the military has to be in charge and Trump will re-emerge soon. Why?

Because they have enough common sense to know that this is all a show and fear is what is planned for the grand finale! They aren’t walking into the trap that’s set. Sure the cheese looks tasty and it looks like there is no one around to guard it… but they know better.

Even foreign nationals understand that any laws an imposter makes hold no weight. Everything done can be undone in seconds. Just because the master of the house is gone, and squatters have come to roost inside, does NOT MEAN they are the NEW MASTERS. It means that as soon as the Master of the House returns, there will be hell to pay and so… the world watches in amazement and wonder.

So enjoy the show and as President Trump has said over and over….THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

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