Juan O Savin expertly weaves the Trump matador duel

Watch as Juan O Savin expertly weaves the Trump matador duel! What are they doing at CERN… what have they boldly sought to create? Is this their tower of Babel?

Biden’s speech(s) from the Marxist playbook, fewer yet are out to save his Democracy. The kind he has is mob rule by a minority, backed by a private army, directed by Khazarian Oligarchs, carried out in secrecy and he is using every fascist move to push it.

While he couldn’t wait to call over half of America extremist terrorists, he failed to address the issues that are harming America like open borders and fentanyl flooding in killing 300 kids a day, child test scores down due to a woke schoolboard that forbid “in class” teaching, nor did he mention any plans to end child and human trafficking, and he had no plans for any Americans that would bring down the high cost of food, electric and gas prices for anyone (even the ones he supposedly likes in his democracy he’s out to save).

The few things stated here is just a drop in the bucket of what is going upside down. The list of real issues facing America is much longer. The one thing he did accomplish in his speech was to insult hard working Americans and he sure got them motivated to vote out his brand of progressive Marxism!


What are they doing at CERN… what have they boldly sought to create? Is this their tower of Babel?

CERN is a super computer…it is the hive of their A.I. nightmare they desire to unleash upon the 7.5 billion people on the planet. The CERN celebrations told the story and those who know that secrecy knew the plans. This sure appears to be their mother ship and master blaster. With it they plan and desire to wipe out humanity and leave a few of their own progressives and bring their Lucifer out into the light.

They desire to be the creator and this entire wickedness shall work against them. Wait and see. This is their Tesla Coil to play God with. They desire to reach into the heavenly realms with this, at most what they will do is destroy themselves and their master plans of an A.I. robotic future for humanity will not stand. It is Baal worship modernized.

These who seek such wickedness hold forums both in secret and openly such as the World Economic Forum which is designed to lure mesmerized groups into thinking they are looking for ways to help mankind…when they desire to destroy free will and take over the mind processes, and to do that they need everyone programed into their big super computer… and A.I. mind control via their little vibrational frequencies controlled inside you with their little battery chips.

For God made all living creation and gave each their own self regenerating energy source both electric and magnetic. To mankind He gave free. God did not make robots. Wicked men have desired to turn man into a robot since they cannot make any creation in the manner that God has created, nor shall they ever be able to. These wicked ones desire to control your free will with their frequencies like a remote controlled toy. God has already written that these wicked ones shall not succeed. He shall give them double according to their deeds of what they have planned to do to his people. Note, God has told us in his Word what these wicked ones have planned to do…!!

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