Jovan Pulitzer On the Seriousness of the Audit Results in His 197 Pages in Arizona Audit Report

“On A Scale of 1 to 10… I Would Say It’s a 12!” – Jovan Pulitzer On the Seriousness of the Audit Results in His 197 Pages in Arizona Audit Report.

Jovan Pulitzer released another audio today that explains the audit process from this past week forward in Arizona.

Pulitzer recommends that the entire election system should be redone.  The results of the Arizona audit are going to be shocking.

Pulitzer’s audio is as follows.

We’re in this crisis today because our paper, our ballets, got mucked up.  So the two things that built our country are back in play today – the paper – that Declaration of Independence built our country – in combination with two, passionate patriots.  And there are only two things that will save our country, that is auditing the paper or ballots and passionate patriots…

… Arizona audit was the fastest, most efficient and most cost-effective, for the number of ballots it audited ever, in the history of the world much less the United States…

…The Democrats forbid [Democrat] participation and then started releasing propaganda that it was only a conservative effort…

…What’s going on here is all these people participated.  There is a tremendous amount of people that had to be hired, there was a tremendous amount of volunteers.  So now you have all these experts from all around the country and everybody is putting together their reports.  Right, so that’s at the top of the pyrimid.  I’m putting together my report.  Other people are putting together their report.  Paper examiners are putting together their reports.  Cyber guys are putting together their reports.  Everybody is putting together their reports.

Now these reports go into one central person location and they are put into one all inclusive initial report…

…So all these reports go into one place.  Then it’s not just the numbers.  It’s not that we found x-bad votes, we found x-good votes, this was right, this was wrong.  You have to explain all the methodology and all of the science behind it and why you did what you did.  My part of the report, which only explains the technology and science…applied, the disciplines, how we do it, why do we do it, etc.  Which comes in my big final report, that document alone is 197 pages.

Now mine alone because of what I do will be many, many, many multiples of that.  Think of it initially will be a smaller scaled version of that that will fit into the bigger report.  So everybody puts in their initial report.  Then basically the audit teams get together and understand whatever each part has done, how it fits in, where things are congruent, where things are not congruent and then you finish the initial report.  You finish the initial report and only then does it go to the next step…

…that’s what’s been going on.  It’s been going on for a week.  It gets to one room and one overview.  The team pushes it all down to one report [which will be provided to the Senate]…

If I had to choose between a scale of one to ten, one being not a lot and ten being a lot, I would say it’s a twelve, and I’ll stand by that.  And when you’re able to see the public report, you will understand why I say that. 

Wisconsin Speaker Vos Traveled with President Trump to Alabama Rally – Time for Vos to Back Forensic Audit or Resign!

We’ve reported on Wisconsin’s Speaker Vos for months.  The Speaker won’t order a forensic audit of the state’s 2020 Election results.  It’s time for him to do so or resign.

Wisconsin’s Speaker Robin Vos has done everything but the right thing in addressing the corruption in the 2020 Election in his state.

We found out that he is good friends with RINO’s Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan which is why he won’t do the right thing.

Word is today that Speaker Vos traveled with President Trump on a private plane last night to the massive rally in Alabama last night.

Wisconsin State Representative Robin Vos traveled by private plane with President Trump and top staff to attend his rally in Alabama Saturday afternoon.

According to a press release from State Representative Vos, Vos spent the day sharing with Trump his plans to restore integrity and trust in elections in Wisconsin.

“While our attempts to make common sense election reforms to close loopholes and standardize procedures were vetoed by Governor Evers, we have doubled down on our top-to-bottom investigation by Special Counsel Justice Michael Gableman,” says Vos. “We will do whatever it takes to help Justice Gableman uncover reports of systematic fraud in our forensic audit.”

It’s clear that no matter how much corruption comes out of his state’s 2020 Election results, Speaker Vos will not do the right thing.  Instead of authorizing a full forensic audit like the one finishing up in Arizona, Speaker Vos brings in a retired judge to lead a half-baked audit that will never address the issues in Wisconsin in the election.  Over 140,000 ballots for Joe Biden only were dropped in Wisconsin in the early morning of November 4th and Vos still won’t fight for Americans and the people of his state to do the right thing.

If Vos doesn’t back a forensic audit in key counties in Wisconsin by Monday he absolutely should resign.  Our country is being destroyed and Vos shows he is lost in politics.  We need a leader in Wisconsin who will do the next right thing, not this clown.

At this point, the Left is going to explode with slander and garbage. 

There will be no army to save America, the army is us.