Josh Hawley Joins #DoNotCertify Caucus! Big Announcement Coming From Trump!

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Today, Senator Josh Hawley announced he is joining the #DoNotCertify caucus on #Jan6!

We are having major victories behind the scenes. Soon President Trump is going to make a BIG announcement!


Go to and make calls to the Senators listed.

Go to and make calls to the Republican Congressmen.


Help us make this video go viral – SHARE STOP RADICAL REVERAND WARNOCK everywhere.

If you’re in driving distance of Northwest Georgia, go to and fill out the form

to join the Stop the Steal Team in the final push to save the Senate!

Tell Your Senators to Object to the Stolen Election!

Here is what we suggest you tell the Senators – by email or social media

Hello, my name is ______ and I’m from _______. I want the Senator to know that people like me, the base of the party, are working to Stop the Steal and feel abandoned by our elected and party leaders. We the people expect the Senator to second the objection to the Congressional certification of this botched Electoral College. I expect a public press release within the week and the Senator to lobby their colleagues and prepare for the floor debate that must occur on January 6th. If I do not feel represented, I’m totally done with the Senator. My vote must be made to count. Stand with Stop the Steal and me or I’m gone.

Feel free to adapt this script to suit your truest feelings and words.


Millions of Americans are furious about how the last election was handled. Millions of Americans went to bed on the night of November 3rd, believing Donald Trump had rightfully won the presidential election. They were denied that victory after a perfect storm of millions of mail-in ballots, ballot drop boxes, and the unsupervised counting of votes occurred in closely decided states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin. At this point, dozens of witnesses have come forward with credible allegations of fraud.

For all those reasons, we ask that you voice your opposition and refuse to certify the presidential election on January 6th.

Any Congressional Republicans who move forward and certify this sham of an election will receive a well funded primary challenger in 2022. We will work to take over the state parties who do not recommend their delegations fight for Trump.

This is your chance to show some bravery and show Republican voters you’re looking out for their interests and the President. The world is watching and hoping you meet the moment.


Stop the steal

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