John Kerry Claims the Bible Commands America to Do THIS for Muslim Countries

With the unprecedented growth and influence of the Islamic State group, Iran inching closer to going nuclear, North Korea on the verge of showing off their nuclear capability and an increased threat of terror attacks right here on American soil, two key members of the White House, including the president, believe our nation’s biggest threat is climate change.

Before President Obama’s address to a class of graduating Coast Guard officers, informing the young military leaders that the greatest threat to the United States is climate change, Secretary of State John Kerry made similar remarks at a special ceremony in Washington last year.

Kerry, however, went even further. Pointing to the Bible, even though no one’s sure exactly which Bible he’s referencing, Kerry told an audience that America has a “biblical responsibility” to “confront climate change” to protect “vulnerable Muslim-majority countries.”


So, let’s get this straight — God commanded the United States to spend billions of dollars to save extremist Muslim-dominated countries from so-called man-made global warming?

John Kerry was already known for saying some pretty ridiculous things concerning global warming and how humans are responsible for climate change, but this one certainly takes the cake.

While the President of the United States is attempting to brainwash our military into thinking that climate change is more dangerous than Islamic State terrorists beheading Christians and blowing up buildings, the United States Secretary of State is spewing misconstrued quotes from the Bible and connecting them to climate change? (H/T Q Political)

Who do these people think they are?

This should serve to remind conservatives just how important it truly is to show up to the voting booths in massive numbers next year, so that we can clean house and elect actual leaders who haven’t completely lost their minds.

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