Jane Fonda: Americans Must “Completely Eliminate Eating Meat”

Daniel Greenfield,
How is America’s greatest living female traitor celebrating Thanksgiving?

Jane Fonda held her eighth consecutive “Fire Drill Friday” protest on Capitol Hill this week, where she was seen on livestream calling on Americans to reform the agricultural sector and change their eating habits to help stop climate change.

“We have to very seriously understand the impacts of cattle ranching on climate and cut back or completely eliminate eating meat. We don’t need it every day or at all,” Fonda said.

Give up your Thanksgiving turkey, capitalist pigs. You and what Viet Cong army?

It’s easy for Hanoi Jane to say, Let Them Eat Soy. It is, of course, easier for wealthy Hollywood celebrities to call for upending the economy before getting on a jet plane to their latest locale.
Speaking About News
How did Jane Fonda get from her Beverly Hills home to Capitol Hill? Probably not by walking.

The Grace and Frankie actress recently purchased this $5.45 million Mediterranean-style house in Los Angeles, reports Trulia. The four-bedroom, seven-bath townhouse spans 6,679 square feet.

Does Fonda actually need a seven bathroom townhouse with four bedrooms? What’s the carbon impact of heating and cooling that space?

Don’t ask. Just stop eating meat. The queen of treason has commanded it.