Ivanka Trump Rips Media’s Silence on Violence at MAGA Rallies

Reagan McCarthy, Ivanka Trump condemns the media’s “near total silence”

First Daughter and adviser to the president Ivanka Trump condemned the media’s “near total silence” on the violence that occurred over the weekend during a peaceful march by supporters of President Trump. As violent thugs associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa launched unprovoked attacks on conservatives acting peacefully, mainstream outlets were nowhere to be found.

Indeed, as Trump pointed out, if right-wing protesters needlessly attacked peaceful supporters of a Democrat president, the media and liberal activists would rightfully condemn the violence. She called for the agitators to be “condemned and prosecuted.”

The violent occurrences over the weekend were not protests, and the supporters of President Trump were acting peacefully:

President-Elect Joe Biden has yet to condemn the unprovoked violence against supporters of President Trump. Again, if ideologies were reversed, a Republican President-Elect would rightfully be forced to condemn violence perpetrated by his or her supporters.

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